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Megan Gunsorek Business Broker


Megan grew up working in her family’s businesses in Ohio. There she learned a lot about what not to do in business, and also discovered her ability to see what was missing in organizations that could help them succeed. She graduated from an Ivy League school and quickly began her entrepreneurial journey, always satiating her business side as well as her creative, intuitive side that loves to help people. She has started, operated and sold businesses, was the controller for an invention services company, and at the same time also created and sold artwork in galleries while penning a magazine column called Adventure Girl!

Megan loves helping individuals and companies grow, succeed, and make money. She has consulted for several start ups, and helped business owners receive thousands of lost dollars through the R&D tax credit. Megan is also a trained Systemic Facilitator, which is essentially a coach for individuals and organizations, where she currently offers private sessions and group workshops.

Now living in Puerto Rico, Megan receives the benefits of the island’s tax incentives, but most importantly, she lives and breathes where the ocean meets El Yunque rainforest. The dynamic career path she has taken organically led her to the M&A space brokering for Website Closers, in the most dynamic, creative, and exciting sector- that of online businesses. Now, she gets to help individuals and businesses grow, buyers and sellers reach their maximum potential, and all to create wealth. Megan lives on the beach in Luquillo, and wakes up every morning to watch the sunrise and walk her Bichon Frise, just before saluting the sun with her daily yoga practice.

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