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Costas (Gus) Kastanis

Costas (Gus) Kastanis is a seasoned broker Specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions for Small and Mid-market eCom & Tech Companies. He is the exclusive franchisee of Website Closers for Toronto, Canada. Gus brings over 20 years of experience in structuring Business deals and creative financing for real estate investors, builders, and developers. Currently his deals predominantly in eCom, Tech in the online business world. Gus grew up in the restaurant business and learned every facet of the restaurant business eventually moving into a manager role in his teens. He learned to deal with the public as he managed dozens of people and had to assure the satisfaction of hundreds of customers per day.
He pursued his passion for real estate and at the age of 19 sold over 5.6 Million in properties during his first year back in the 80s. His strong financial background and his passion for helping others led him to creating a Debtors 1-800 Help Line that provides valuable information about their credit, and their rights, and guides them to restructuring their finances.
In the early days of the Internet he launched an online loans consulting business (Canadian Small Business Loans Direct) with the prime domains such as & He soon mastered his deal-structuring, and financing.
Later, he expanded into arranging Mortgages, construction Loans, and Joint Ventures for Real Estate Investors, Builders, and Developers. When Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis Growing, Manufacturing & Retailing became legalized he assisted in arranging, JVs, and financing for such business operators. His creativity and deal structuring ability allowed him to arrange institutional monies at a much better rate than the typical hard money environment (that this industry has to deal with) has to offer; thus allowing/assisting his Clients to Achieve much Higher Profit Margins.
As the eCom & Tech business space was evidently booming and was obviously the fastest growing industry he rapidly transitioned into online Businesses Brokering and bought a Website Closer’s franchise enabling him to List and Sell Online Businesses on the Largest full service Marketplace in the world. His expertise in Finance, M&A deal structuring and above all his Contacts allows him to Assist Company Founders to obtain Growth Capital, Scale and Exit with Top Dollar. For Gus, it is a great joy to assist Sellers or Buyers Exit or Acquire eCommerce / Tech Businesses of their Dreams resulting in Life-Changing Financial Gains.
His superior Experience and Access to arrays of Investors and Lenders make him an Ideal Broker for both the Sellers and Buyers alike.
Gus lives in Toronto, Canada but loves to travel and considers himself a resident of the world. He is an avid Hockey Player, and GYM Rat, who enjoys Yoga, Chi Gong/Kung Fu, Skiing, and Tennis. He also enjoys long walks, bike rides, or rollerblading. The ideal end to his active day is fine food, maybe a little wine on occasion and quality time with the family.

Costas (Gus)'s Available Listings

14 Year Old, Highly Sticky Digital Marketing Agency – 50 Active Clients – Strong Sales & Account Management Team in Place
Website Closers® presents a digital marketing agency with 14 years of experience delivering world class Digital Marketing and Content Development...
Asking Price: $ 980,000
Cash Flow: $ 245,022
DTC eCommerce Brand in the Window Treatment Sector – 70% Organic Website Traffic – 100% Dropship with Strong Supplier Relationships
Website Closers® presents a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce business with just under 3 decades of experience selling a large catalog of Private...
Asking Price: $ 3,625,000
Cash Flow: $ 762,675
One Stop Shop Motorcycle Parts & Accessories eCommerce Retailer – Multichannel Online Sales – Authorized U.S.Dealer – Amazon FBA Sales = 50% of Revenue – 120,000+ Current SKUs
Website Closers® presents a highly driven eCommerce business specializing in the online marketing and sale of motorcycle parts, tools, accessories,...
Asking Price: $ 815,000
Cash Flow: $ 204,561
Online Financial Services Company Offering Digital Credit Repair Services – 3 Websites – $500 AOV
Website Closers® presents a rare and impactful offering in the financial industry. This company is an online digital credit report...
Asking Price: $ 350,000
Cash Flow: $ 102,286
Software Company Offering Proprietary Platform for Stock Trading, Monitoring and Education
Website Closers® presents a highly unique, subscription-based SaaS provider that offers proprietary technologies in both monitoring and advising software for...
Asking Price: $ 879,000
Cash Flow: $ 320,683
Scaling & Sticky Supplements, SuperFoods & Healthcare Brand – 6 Year eCommerce Retailer – Primarily Amazon FBA – 70% YOY Growth Rate – Recurring Revenue
Website Closers® presents a solid eCommerce Brand that has proven itself time and time again in the online marketplace for...
Asking Price: $ 1,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 359,315
MultiBranded Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer in Wine Accessories & Hunting Gear – Strong YOY Sales
Website Closers® presents the opportunity to own two unique, distinctive, and quite lucrative eCommerce Brands (aka Amazon FBA Businesses). One...
Asking Price: $ 1,247,400
Cash Flow: $ 324,000
SBA Prequalified eCommerce Business with 29 Websites Selling in 6 Countries – 17% Margins – 100% Dropship Model – 2,000+ SKUs available – $55 AOV
Website Closers® presents a unique eCommerce brand that has boomed into a dropship empire. Within a short amount of time,...
Asking Price: $ 2,085,000
Cash Flow: $ 628,361
High Growth Solar Panel & System Internet Company & Solar Education Provider – $40,000 AOV – 34% Margins – Strong Social Presence
Website Closers® presents a serious innovator in the Solar Energy Installation vertical with a three-year track record. With an Average...
Asking Price: $ 950,000
Cash Flow: $ 317,432
Vintage eCommerce Shoe Brand – Proprietary Designs Replicating Shoes from the 16th Century to the 1950s – 48% Repeat Customer Rate – 165,000+ Instagram Followers
Website Closers® presents a thriving, enormously successful eCommerce business that has more than a decade of experience marketing shoes and...
Asking Price: $ 5,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,113,330
High Margin Internet Business that Sells Residential Land. $100,000+ of Inventory Included
Website Closers® presents a dynamic Internet Business that has developed a unique system for selling Residential Land. The company has...
Asking Price: $ 712,000
Cash Flow: $ 197,898
Industry Leading Firearm Parts & Accessories eCommerce Brand for the Build it Yourself Customer – Massive Near Term Scale – Loyal Customer Base
Website Closers® presents a scaling 8-year-old brand in the Build Your Own Firearms Niche. Offering firearm parts and accessories to...
Asking Price: $ 41,100,000
Cash Flow: $ 10,324,403

Costas (Gus)'s Closed Deals

14 Year Established Online Lab Testing Service – 39% Net Margins – 650 Tests Available – No Medical License Required
Website Closers® presents a seasoned industry leader of online lab testing services.  The offering of two sister-company websites provides an...
Asking Price: $ 5,600,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,349,961
Unique Amazon Retailer in Bedding Vertical of Weighted Blankets – 4.9 Star Rating – 99% Positive Reviews
This one-of-a kind Consumer Products Brand has a unique offering in the Bedding Vertical – Weighted, AntiAnxiety Blankets (also called...
Asking Price: $ 500,000
Cash Flow: $ 171,184
eCommerce Brand that Outfits Vehicles for Off-Road Travel & Camping in the Overlanding Vertical – DTC eCommerce Retailer – 100% Dropship Model
Website Closers® presents a well-established eCommerce brand leader in the Camping and Roof Top Tents vertical. Selling roof racks, car-top...
Asking Price: $ 675,000
Cash Flow: $ 201,845
B2B eCommerce Business offering Customized Stickers, Hats, Shirts and More to Small Business Owners – 28% Repeat Order Rate
Website Closers® presents a thriving Print On Demand B2B eCommerce business that provides quick and simple online ordering for a...
Asking Price: $ 1,150,000
Cash Flow: $ 328,204
Multi-Branded eCommerce & Wholesale Retailer – Wine Accessories & Tactical Gear Verticals – Design Patents in Place
Website Closers® presents a highly lucrative eCommerce and Wholesale Retailer built on the backs of 2 fully established brands that...
Asking Price: $ 1,310,000
Cash Flow: $ 334,000
Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Brand – eCommerce Retailer – 115,000 Social Media Followers
Website Closers® presents a Trendy and innovative, up-and-coming eCommerce jewelry retailer that provides unique and trending “boho” (Bohemian) inspired pieces...
Asking Price: $ 250,000
Cash Flow: $ 104,165
Beauty Products CPG Brand focused on Female Lip Care – 83% Wholesale & 6% eCommerce – 680+ Active Brand Ambassadors / Influencers
Website Closers® presents a phenomenal opportunity to secure a business that’s taken just 6 years to develop a thriving wholesale...
Asking Price: $ 3,290,000
Cash Flow: $ 620,894
Scaling Amazon FBA Brand in the Gourmet Foods & Gift Sets Vertical – Covers All Occasions Year-Round
Website Closers® presents a successful eCommerce business beautifully positioned in two niche verticals: Gourmet foods and Gift Packages. The Gift...
Asking Price: $ 3,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 651,972
Essential Oil Diffusers & Accessories eCommerce Brand – Unique Offerings – Strong Growth – Amazon FBA
WebsiteClosers® presents...a breathtaking opportunity to acquire an Internet Company. This fully trademarked eCommerce seller is a market leader within the Essential...
Asking Price: $ 750,000
Cash Flow: $ 168,652
Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Storage Bins, Baskets, Boxes & Cubes Vertical – Tens of Thousands of 4.5-5 Star Reviews on Amazon
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has found a thriving space on Amazon by marketing high quality fabric storage...
Asking Price: $ 5,740,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,392,468
eCommerce Brand in the Vaporizing, Vape Mods & Accessories Niche – Strong Affiliate Sales – 200+ Products Offered – 60k Email List
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has performed exceptionally well by marketing vaporizers and other vaping accessories Direct to...
Asking Price: $ 875,000
Cash Flow: $ 226,928
Amazon FBA Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – 38% of Revenue from Subscribe & Save – Currently Scaling on 160+ SKUs
Website Closers® presents a scaling, highly sticky Nutritional Supplements Brand that has achieved strong sales growth over the past several...
Asking Price: $ 7,600,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,473,717

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