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Jim Matheson

Jim Matheson has been a serial entrepreneur most of his life, left college where he was studying Bio Medical Engineering to start his first successful business before the age of 21, leading to many other businesses from restaurants, art galleries, software development companies, Computer manufacturer, publishing, advertising among others, to eventually owning over 65 businesses and over 200 employees. After taking some time off he joined Website Closers were his background gives him incredible insight into the understanding of how small businesses operate and run and understanding their true market value, and using this knowledge to successfully guide the sale your business or the acquisition of a new business.

Jim 's Available Listings

SBA Pre-Approved eCommerce Jewelry 11 Year eCommerce Brand in the Hair Accessories Vertical – Amazon, Website, Walmart & eBay Sales Channels – 4000 DTC Visitors Per Month& Giftables Brand – Nice Mix of Sales Channels - 40% Growth over LTM
Website Closers® presents a successful eCommerce business operating within the Hair Accessories Vertical. This brand has a laser-focused niche in...
Asking Price: $ 260,000
Cash Flow: $ 96,000
Ag Tech Internet Company – Certifications & Audits Provider to the Agricultural Space
Website Closers® presents a niche offering … an ANSI-Approved Certifying Body that provides Certifications and Audits throughout the B2B Agriculture...
Asking Price: $ 1,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 346,000
30 Year Established, Full Service Marketing Firm – Over 110 Clients – 75% of Revenue Generates from 10+ Year Client Relationships – Agency has won over 500 Creative Awards
Website Closers presents a full-service marketing agency that has built up a strong client base that eagerly retains them for...
Asking Price: $ 3,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 832,155
Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Gifted Jewelry niche with 29% Net Margins - Turnkey Operation with 20 FTEs, and Proprietary Jewelry Designs
Website Closers® presents an exciting Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer that was founded in 2007 with the mission of creating Personalized Jewelry...
Asking Price: $ 12,225,000
Cash Flow: $ 2,788,540
eCommerce Brand in the Eco-Friendly Showerhead Vertical – Massive Social Media Following on TikTok – 114,000 Monthly Organic Visitors
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that is rapidly emerging as a leader in the niche space of Environmentally Friendly...
Asking Price: $ 690,000
Cash Flow: $ 227,464
Solar Energy Products & Installation Packages for Residential Use – $40,000 AOV with Financing Options in place – Branded Website Generates all Leads
Website Closers® presents a business focused on an increasingly popular industry, renewable energy sources through Solar Panels and additional residential...
Asking Price: $ 1,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 251,889
B2B Brand in the Floral Supplies Vertical – eCommerce, Wholesale & Direct Sales Channels – All Growing – Over 2,000 Wholesale Accounts
Website Closers® presents a business with a remarkable legacy and multiple brands in the Floral Supplies vertical. The company has...
Asking Price: $ 27,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 4,577,418
Subscription Based Portfolio of Websites & Video Streaming Options for Haircutting & Hair Related Projects – 75% Retention Rate
Website Closers® presents a new business that provides niche entertainment streaming to a fast-growing number of paid subscribers. With a...
Asking Price: $ 559,000
Cash Flow: $ 174,390
Body Armor System Brand – American Made – 2 DTC eCommerce Sales Channels – Proprietary & Unique Designs – 34% Net Margins
Website Closers® presents an American Made Brand devoted to quality, innovation, and protection within the Body Armor Segment. Many of...
Asking Price: $ 2,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 645,936
Electrical Box Manufacturer With More than 166 Patents - High Average Order Value - Ongoing Worldwide Contracts
Website Closers® presents a high quality electrical box manufacturing company, this 12+ year established industry leader carries 166 issued patents...
Asking Price: $ 7,000,000
Amazon FBA Company – Proprietary Gift Baskets with a Kitting Team in Place – Strong Rankings on Amazon and YOY Growth
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Gift Business with a thriving presence in multiple highly lucrative fields. Gourmet foods remain an...
Asking Price: $ 1,900,000
Cash Flow: $ 516,125
Online B2B Service Company Helping Entrepreneurs & Startups Secure State Resale Certificates
Website Closers® presents a highly effective Internet Business that specializes in helping new businesses and startups get their State Reseller...
Asking Price: $ 535,000
Cash Flow: $ 151,900

Jim 's Closed Deals

Online Background Screening Company – Growing YOY Sales – 95% Repeat Order Rate – $40 AOV – Highly Automated
Website Closers® presents an online business that provides comprehensive Background Screening Checks for employers. The company is in high demand...
Asking Price: $ 260,000
Cash Flow: $ 87,574
Food Safety & Integrated Pest Management Agricultural Consultants and Auditors – AG Service Provider for Growers – 90% Repeat Business
Website Closers® presents a mature and highly profitable business that has built up a strong and authoritative reputation within the...
Asking Price: $ 2,100,000
Cash Flow: $ 366,898
eCommerce Jewelry & Giftables Brand – Nice Mix of Sales Channels - 40% Growth over LTM
Website Closers® presents an established, industry leading eCommerce retailer focused on the growing Fashion Jewelry and Giftables Markets. This target...
Asking Price: $ 1,370,000
Cash Flow: $ 392,353
Unique Hashtag Content Creator for Weddings & Special Events
The listing is a Social Media Service Provider offering custom hashtag content creation services for brides and grooms to optimize...
Asking Price: $ 1,450,000
Cash Flow: $ 414,941
18 Year Beauty Products eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA & Website Sales – One of Amazon’s first Beauty Product Sellers
Website Closers® presents an 18-year-old eCommerce business that has a long history of selling beauty products on its Website and...
Asking Price: $ 500,000
Cash Flow: $ 136,758
World Renowned Women’s Apparel eCommerce Brand – 60 Percent Plus Repeat Order Rate – 100 Employees – Massive Social Following
Website Closers® presents a highly acclaimed women’s Apparel Brand that has taken the US by storm for well over a...
Asking Price: $ 40,050,000
Cash Flow: $ 5,990,994
The target is a growing consumer products brand in the evergreen, consistently trending Pet Products category, focusing on a wide...
Asking Price: $ 2,350,000
Cash Flow: $ 606,742
This is quite simply, the single most viable and attractive Vitamins & Supplements eCommerce brand that has been brought to...
Asking Price: $ 73,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 14,200,000
Slim Wallet eCommerce Brand – Website & Sales Channels – 79% Margins – Strong Social and Email Following
Website Closers presents an eCommerce business that has successfully developed a product for men that’s proven to be irresistible to...
Asking Price: $ 375,000
Cash Flow: $ 127,809
Online Innovative Reseller of Undeveloped and Unmaintained Land – Land Liquidation at a YOY Growth Rate of 107%
Website Closers® presents a uniquely recession resilient Real Estate company with practically zero owner involvement. This innovative online business has,...
Asking Price: $ 712,000
Cash Flow: $ 189,027
Children’s Brand in the Toy, Education & Kids Gifts Verticals – eCommerce, Wholesale & Distribution Sales Channels – 500 Wholesale Accounts – 30% Repeat Order Rate
Website Closers® presents a growing eCommerce Brand offering its own designs in the children's toy, education, and gifts sector. In...
Asking Price: $ 680,000
Cash Flow: $ 212,360

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