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John Fairchild Business Broker


John graduated from Eastern Military Academy and attended Hofstra University. He enlisted in the US Navy, and after Naval service he joined the family’s business, which was ultimately sold to Rogers Corporation. At that point, John was recruited by Planned Estates, a marketing and sales organization for investments in Asia. After spending years of traveling in Asia, he formed Saefield Hong Kong, LTD as Managing Director, marketing investments to expats and local investors throughout Southeast Asia. Upon return to the states, John joined National Pension Consultants, (NPC) as a Partner, representing the Southern California Plumbers and Carpenters Building Trades Pension funds. NPC provided long-term financing through pension funds for investments and commercial projects using union labor.  After seven years in that role, time off seemed like a good idea, but after a year of traveling, boredom set in quickly and John subsequently joined a National M&A firm.  After several years of doing brick-and-mortar deals, he discovered Website Closers, an M&A firm focused 100% on tech-enabled M&A transactions.  After researching the opportunity, John determined that he wanted to be part of this organization, which had established itself as the premier M&A firm in the tech space, that had a strong record of successfully completing so many transactions that resulted in satisfied buyers and sellers. After many years of starting business ventures, it gives him great satisfaction to help sellers and buyers achieve their goals, knowing that all parties walk away as winners with no regrets.

John's Testimonials

In 2017, Karl Murray founded an eCommerce company operating in the premium essential oil vertical. It quickly became one of Ireland’s leading wellness brands and continued flourishing. Karl decided an experienced international buyer could scale the business dramatically and approached... read more Website Closers, beginning work with his brokers, John Fairchild and Mark Grossman. Within three months, they achieved a successful exit.
“I should have contacted Website Closers sooner,” says Karl. “The first buyer I chatted to we sold to, so the vetting quality must have been brilliant.”
This testimonial is brought to you by Our team of attorneys, accountants, consultants, and serial entrepreneurs have sold close to a billion dollars’ worth of Tech and Internet companies, ranging from $500,000 to $200,000,000. These include software companies, Amazon and eCommerce businesses, Websites and Domains, Technology and IP Companies, Business Services, Internet Businesses, MSP and IT Solutions, Web, App & Software Development, and Advertising and Marketing Services.

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