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Scott Reid Business Broker

Scott Reid Business Broker
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Montreal, Canada


Scott Reid started his career in banking and securities trading where he gained invaluable experience with financial statements and management accounting. Finding a passion for business, he later made the transition into marketing as a professional discipline and earned his MBA to better serve clients from all industries. Before making his way to Website Closers, Scott spent most of his career heading up marketing departments of international franchise chains and working with business owners to help grow their businesses. 

In 2015, Scott was given the lead of the Franchise Development department with his company, and he discovered the world of selling businesses to eager, ambitious entrepreneurs. The people and the work resonated with him having owned and operated a number of small businesses himself along the way. Scott discovered the exploding world of the online business where he now, along with managing his own portfolio of e-comm sites, leverages his corporate and entrepreneurial experience to advise/consult and to bring sellers and buyers together for the largest online, eCommerce and technologies brokerage in the world, Website Closers.  

The first thing Scott does when preparing to sell a business is work to understand the true value of the company. This is not always evident, and not always easily done; but all businesses have value in one way or another. This is a part of the process that he deeply enjoys because it’s like a mystery that needs solving. By dissecting the financial statements and applying business strategy models, Scott works with the client to discover the business’ true value and future potential.

Although he is a nomad at heart, having visited over 50 counties and lived and worked in over a dozen, Scott is now settled in a beautiful suburb of Montreal with his wonderful wife and son. Together with his family, he continues to travel when time permits, spend days by the pool in the summer, and snowboard at the many hills in the picturesque Laurentian Mountains in the winter. He is persistently working to get his wife to sing along to old 80s and 90s rock songs so that he can form a family band with his son on drums and Scott on guitar…that may be a futile pursuit.

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