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    Why Use Us?

    We Focus On Maximizing Deal Value, Not Just Closing A Deal

    The Highest Close Rate In The Industry

    The World’s Largest Pool Of Tech & Internet Buyers & Investors – And We Know Who Will Close & Who Won’t

    2 Decades Of Laser Focused Tech & Internet M&A Experience

    We Have Over 155 Customer Reviews & Countless Video Testimonials That Speak To Our Market Successes

    We Have Represented Thousands Of Companies In The Digital Space

    About Us

    Our experience within the Tech, Internet and Digital industry is one of the primary factors that set us apart from the competition. Not only do we buy and sell tech and internet companies, not only are we attorneys, accountants, consultants, and serial entrepreneurs but most importantly, we have sold over 2 BILLION dollars worth of Tech and Internet companies through the years. Few others have the combination of background, experience and volume that our team has.

    We have sold a wide array of properties from small to large, from $500,000 to $200,000,000 including software companies, Amazon and eCommerce businesses, Websites and Domains, Technology and IP Companies, Business Services, Internet Businesses, MSP and IT Solutions, Web, App & Software Development, Advertising and Marketing Services, and more.

    Our experience also includes selling non-traditional online businesses such as Daily Deals websites, Flash Sales sites, wholesalers, distributors, fulfillment centers, drop shippers, marketing agencies, SEO firms, and more.

    Sell With Confidence

    Every business transaction is unique – yours will be too. That’s why you need professionals and experts that have a well-rounded level of experience in the particular area in which you operate and to use the experience and skills built upon decades of closing businesses to your benefit.

    At our firm – were all about you and your company and MAXIMIZING VALUE.

    Contact us to learn more about how we can specifically help you achieve one of the most exciting things a person can do in their lifetime – exit a business built from the ground up – we know, we’ve done it over and over again ourselves!

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