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10 Year Aged Portfolio of eCommerce Websites – Pet, Toys and More – Mostly Dropship – Low Working Capital Requirements

This company is a 10-year seasoned eCommerce Website Portfolio, selling primarily via a drop ship model (low inventory) with high average order values and super low working capital requirements. The business has a diverse collection of six different Shopify stores bundled together with a wide range of products across several popular niches, including Pet Products, Children’s Toys, Office Furniture, Light Fixtures and Kitchenware. A huge email list and a nice blend of organic and paid traffic leading to consistent year round revenue makes this an attractive lower risk opportunity. Scaling potential is wide open, as these stores are currently not on Amazon. Spanning across six popular niches, this bundle is ready to sell to start making the new owner money instantaneously.

The business touches on some of the most popular verticals, including cookware, dog training supply, office furniture, lighting fixtures, and ride-on toys. Approximately 5,000 SKU’s+ between all six stores.  Average order value of $200-$300, which makes this an astounding opportunity, distinctly separate from all of the Amazon FBA companies on the market that focus on AOVs under $30. The business ranks high organically and advertises on Google and Bing, as well as retargeting their substantial list of 49,000+ email subscribers.

Current owners work about 25-30 hours a week, mainly on high level decision making and involves controlling the advertising cost once every week or two. Successful websites are developed, and very little maintenance is required as the business switched to the Shopify platform. Minimal shipping is involved, and no stocking or warehouse is required (current business is run from the home). Current owner recommends drop ship and stocking for higher profit margins.

Marketing efforts have centered around PPC, Social, Email, Affiliate, and SEO, though higher growth opportunities are available with more advertising. The company utilizes Mailchimp to retarget past customers, and repeat customers are high. This business has done fantastically through organic traffic, but there is plenty of room for scale. Higher profit margins are easily attainable with stocking and purchasing higher quantities. Expansion of the current product lines will engage current and repeat customers. This is low hanging fruit, as the current model could easily be duplicated in other niches. Marketing campaigns, including influencer marketing programs are also a definite sales generator. And launching best sellers on Amazon would certainly be a game changer.

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Listing ID:  WC1073

Asking Price
$ 459,000
Cash Flow
$ 179,876
Gross Income
$ 1,029,502
Year Established

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