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10 Year eCommerce Brand in the Payment Processing Equipment Vertical – 29% Repeat Order Rate – Wholesale (B2B) & DTC Sales

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Website Closers® presents a Super High Growth, highly successful eCommerce business specializing in Payment Processing for retailers, along with Payment Processing Equipment, including point of sale machines, credit card machines, barcode scanners and other payment equipment.

With a solid track record of over 10 years in the industry, the company has established itself as a leader in the market, serving businesses nationwide with their credit equipment and merchant service needs. And their customer base is sticky, especially on the Payment Processing side, resulting in a 29% Repeat Order Rate, which is a big contributor to their massive YOY Growth.

Company Operations

The company operates throughout North America, and its target market is any business that accepts credit cards. It is also in the wholesale distribution market with ISO customers that purchase bulk equipment regularly.

The company has become the go-to destination for businesses looking to purchase credit card equipment directly, saving them significant costs compared to leasing options. With a robust SEO strategy and long-standing customer awareness, the company enjoys high organic search rankings and benefits from a well-established online presence.

The business has demonstrated consistent growth over the years, with an increasing customer base and expanding revenue streams.

Additionally, the company has unlocked a stable and recurring revenue stream by providing credit card merchant services processing. Customers generate residual revenue monthly, providing a consistent income.

The company has built a loyal customer base, serving businesses of all sizes nationwide. With the ever-changing PCI security requirements, businesses continuously upgrade their credit card machines, creating a constant purchasing need.

The company also has a diversified product mix. It offers a wide range of payment equipment and supplies, reducing reliance on any single brand or product.

Human Resources & Logistics

Furthermore, a seasoned and capable team is in place to efficiently handle day-to-day operations. The team includes dedicated sales representatives, customer service professionals, and fulfillment staff, ensuring smooth continuity for a buyer.

Management has cultivated longtime relationships with the major authorized distributors of all leading brand credit card equipment from where they source products.

90% of orders are DropShipped directly from distributors. Orders are placed daily with distributors, and the owner has negotiated favorable net 30 payment terms. The remaining 10% is purchased in bulk for reduced prices and fulfilled by the company. Between $50,000 and $100,000 of stock is maintained.

The owner focuses primarily on business administration and overseeing the sales, customer service, and fulfillment departments. A team of four salespeople and two customer service and fulfillment staff can handle the day-to-day operations independently.


The company’s cost of advertising is only 2.8% of sales, largely due to its strong SEO relevance and longtime customer awareness in the industry. The on-site SEO authority drives organic traffic since the company has been online with all the product pages and strong content for many years. The website is a Shopify best-in-class theme developed by a top Shopify development firm. This creates a highly SEO-optimized website and top search engine results. The company ranks first or second for almost all the products it sells.

Other digital marketing strategies have proven highly effective. Google Search Network and Google Shopping campaigns are run daily, and the ads are highly optimized, generating a 500% return on ad spend. Regular email campaigns are implemented to engage existing customers and boost sales.

Customers are typically businesses of any size that accept credit cards since they require equipment and supplies. Notably, with yearly changing PCI credit card security requirements, companies must continually upgrade their machines to remain compliant.

No seasonality in sales is experienced, given that businesses need to buy credit card equipment throughout the year.


The credit card payment industry is snowballing and is set to continue proliferating. For example, JPMorgan Chase posted 19.8% growth across the two years ending in Q3 2021. Wells Fargo’s credit card point-of-sale volume rose 29.9% over the same period.

As a result, the business is primed for continued success and profitability under a motivated new owner.

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WC 3070

Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,194,867
Gross Income
$ 4,410,767
Year Established

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