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10 Year eCommerce Brand in the Women’s Basics Apparel Category – Massive Social Media Following – $249k of Included Inventory – $51 AOV – 28% Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents a dynamic, seasoned eCommerce business in the women’s clothing vertical. In business on the Shopify Platform since 2013, affordable clothing is hand selected and kept in stock at all times. The product array is made up of women’s basics that can be mixed and matched with seasonal items that are easy to replace.

Sellers in this niche typically like to invest in new arrivals instead of restocking. This company differentiates itself from the competition by finding vendors that can continuously and consistently supply high-volume items that already sell well. That way, the guesswork is taken out of making sales. The strategy has proven lucrative in conjunction with selling items at a minimum 300% markup.

The team and its followers are highly active on social media and email marketing, always responding to queries within hours. A tremendous social media presence includes a following of 445,000 on Instagram, 110,000 on Facebook, and 200,000 on TikTok. The enormous Instagram and Facebook following results in robust organic traffic. Additionally, paid ads typically witness a 3X return on investment. A daily budget of $500 is allocated to the platforms and usually results in 50 to 100 sales of an advertised item. The business also works with content creators worldwide. Influencers are paid to post pictures of themselves wearing the clothing, primarily on Instagram. This drives traffic and allows the company to obtain analytics and data with a pixel to run retargeting campaigns.

TikTok ads proved successful in the past with a similar ROAS as the abovementioned platforms. Management plans to begin utilizing the channel again once additional SKUs are restocked. Pinterest ads, too, are occasionally used for discovery.

Email and SMS generate roughly 42% of revenue, and there is plenty of room to refine the processes further. The strategy currently comprises 2-3 SMS campaigns and 8-12 email campaigns monthly. A $3,000 spend generates $42,000-$50,000.

They deliver exceptionally quickly, unlike many smaller competitors. Orders placed before noon CST are shipped the same day or the next business day if the order is placed after 12 pm. This attention to service has directly led to returning customers and higher conversion rates. An estimated delivery time is placed beside every product on the website.

All vendor and supplier relationships are in the United States, even though products are sourced internationally. Management makes use of online wholesale shopping to place orders. Some garments are private label, while others are resold as is.

A 100% stock model is used by the business. On average, $300,000 of inventory is maintained, and 50 to 100 orders are shipped daily from the company’s warehouse. Inventory orders are placed weekly, as necessary, to restock. The owner closely observes what SKUs are selling quickly and adapts accordingly.

The typical customer is a woman between 18 and 35 who loves shopping online and being part of a community. She loves to keep her wardrobe updated regularly with new arrivals and restocks. Popular items include tops, bottoms, joggers, denim, and dresses.

Sales are steady throughout the year, with peaks from March until May. This pattern has been consistent since its inception.

The owner works around 20 hours weekly on the business. Her primary tasks include purchasing, marketing, growth strategy, small photo shoots, and ensuring operations run smoothly at the warehouse.

Additional employees work in the following capacities:

  • A full-time warehouse manager handles receiving and shipping.
  • Two part-time workers assist in the warehouse.
  • One part-time staff member creates and manages content for social media.

The only outsourced work comprises month-to-month arrangements with content creators. A budget of $1,000 is allocated monthly and has proven successful.

Daily operations involve shipping orders, receiving merchandise, responding to customer queries, and posting on social media.

Few special skills are required for a buyer to run and grow the business effectively. A new owner should, however, properly understand which items the market has an appetite for, marketing to existing and potential customers efficiently, and selecting the right content creators to work with to continue to drive traffic and sales. The existing owner has been observing these trends for a decade and is motivated to train a buyer for continued success.

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Asking Price
$ 649,000
Cash Flow
$ 207,257
Gross Income
$ 1,605,685
Year Established

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