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10 Year Online Service Company – Provides Birthday Parties & Corporate Events with Costumed Characters, Vending Machines & Bouncy Houses


This uniquely engaging opportunity is an online provider of Party Characters for Kids Events. Running with 10 years of solid and consistent growth, this incredible and high energy business allows any capable buyer to make a child’s special day. Easily managed, this highly profitable offering drives an average of $10,450 per month, and can be operated from anywhere, on any schedule. Already an impressive business, this investment has vast opportunities to scale, from offering more characters to expanding into new geographic areas, this company is perfectly positioned to grow in both size and profitability.

Additionally, consistent and repeated revenue streams could be developed through effective partnerships with party planners, DJs, corporations and more. This eCommerce company is not SBA approved, but no matter the direction a new owner chooses to take this business, there is tremendous opportunity to be highly profitable while bringing joy to yourself, your clients and your community.

The core of this company’s amazing growth is its convenient, energetic, and reliable service. From the moment a prospective client first contacts this business to the end of their party, the internal management is arranging everything that will be needed, both of the actors and the vendors. Ensuring an amazingly positive experience, the current owner will connect the appropriate actors to the client directly so that they can be sure of effective communications, planning, and clarity. Additionally, this company goes above and beyond to offer concessions such as popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones, as well as other essential party pieces like bouncy castles and more. Another unique offering within this company is its corporate party packages which include more characters at longer time slots at an amazing margin.

Some of the most promising paths to success in this exceedingly profitable market would be digital optimization, relationship building, extended vendor offerings, and additional characters. This company would wildly and rapidly scale with the expansion of digital marketing measures such as SEO, SEM, paid media, and Google Ads. A few especially powerful platforms for this industry include Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the current portfolio does include posting, however there is little to no paid ad usage on any platform. When planning a party, many people are looking for one stop shops, the more catering, DJ, venue, and party planner partnerships a new owner can build here the swifter their bottom line will grow. Finally, everyone is looking for different things for their parties, the larger variety of characters the business can offer, the more clients they will appeal to.

While this company provides many unique plans, it can be a largely hands-off business. The current owners dedicate around 15 hours per week on maintaining and scaling this unparalleled party company. Their responsibilities include managing all incoming requests; creating, posting, and promoting all blogs and social posts; hiring actors and connecting them with the correct clients; repairing and cleaning costumes; and overseeing the coverage of each party.

At the moment, this business has an array of character licensing and high-quality costumes that would be passed onto a buyer upon acquisition. Additionally, all vendor partnerships, brand standing, and actor lists that have been accumulated across this company’s successful 10 years of business will also be seamlessly inherited. The most exciting piece that the owner will be getting is the gift of courses on how to franchise a company. Offering two of the top courses from Cheryl’s School, this seller wants to set the new owner up for rampant success. There is no background knowledge or training required to take over this business, and with so much solid value, this acquisition is sure to bring many years of joy and profitability to any buyer.

This offering is a strategically built company that is perfectly positioned for continued success and growth. As the current owner will also be providing proven courses on how to impactfully franchise this opportunity, this opportunity is a vastly scalable company that is easily managed and incredibly promising. With the purchase of this company, any new owner will be able to gain unimaginable revenue along with long-lasting fun and amazing memories.

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Listing ID:  WC2161

Asking Price
$ 350,000
Cash Flow
$ 125,407
Gross Income
$ 137,028
Year Established