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10 Year, Unique Content Creation & Book Publishing Company – Revenue Generated Through Royalties – Portfolio of Trademarks Included

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Website Closers® presents an enormously successful independent book creator that has demonstrated great skill at authoring books in the red-hot Young Adult genre, finding a devoted audience, and turning those initial books into a series that their fan base eagerly buys and reads.

Today the company has 8 successful book series that amounts to more than 160 books published in multiple languages. The company has sold 15 million copies in less than a decade, and is now looking for a buyer to take this business to the next level. With a phenomenal base of readers who are both teens and adult, the company is ideally positioned to scale quickly.

This privately held content creation and IP licensing business has a valuable portfolio of trademarks and Intellectual Property assets that have been appraised by a professional IP consulting and valuation firm. Their success can’t be disputed: the company has brought in $35 million in net profits, which consists of royalties generated from the sale of their books by third party publishers, including Amazon.

The global book publishing industry has been an evergreen one of centuries. As long as there are people who love to read, books get published and sold. In more recent years, though, the industry has gone through rapid changes as consumer demand has increased for eBooks and online audio books, driving sales of both much higher. Amazon and other online book sellers have found a massive audience, thanks to the ready availability online of a wide selection of books and genres, fast shipping, and the convenience of online purchasing.

The availability of eBook services such as Kindle and tablet devices have made reading books online even more pleasurable, and these sales soared during the pandemic lockdowns. This brand has taken full advantage of these trends, making their books available in paperback, as eBooks and as audio books, matching the interests of a wide selection of readers. While they have enjoyed immense successful developing books aimed at Young Adults, their book series appeal to older readers as well.

The company now four new books ready to be published, with two of them being the first of two new series. That’s a highly valuable asset being made available to a new owner.

Launched a decade ago in Cyprus, the company has created 167 books without relying on a single author to write them. They use a trademarked pen name that has become synonymous with high quality writing among their fans, but all of the company’s books have been written by a multitude of freelance ghostwriters, many of whom have been replaced over time.

Because the company can tap into the talents of so many ghostwriters, the brand has been able to keep up each series, satisfy fans in the Young Adults segment, and establish their pen name as a recognized and valued author. Their freelancers have been hired at every stage of product development, including creating the plots, drafting the chapters, editing the manuscripts, and even the design of the book cover. Their fans have even become part of the process, suggesting ideas for new books. This has given the company a major advantage when it comes to identifying the best trending subjects for new books.

Since their series are unique, they don’t have any direct competitors. Their series have legions of fans and devoted readers, and their key tool for expanding has been to use creative marketing tools to introduce their works to newcomers.

The company has its own websites where their books are launched, and buyers are guided to popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, BookBub and GoodReads to make the purchase.

Amazon has proven beneficial in another way. The use of PPC ads on that site has helped to drive sales and introduce their series to new generations of readers, and the company accomplished the same goal running PPC ads on Facebook.

Facebook has become a useful tool for them in another way. They now have 15,000+ followers on that site and are discovering more buyers outside of the Young Adult category. Their series are phenomenally popular with women in the age 40-60 demographic.

Their Facebook account is also used for making announcements of new books or series and for maintaining high engagement with their most loyal readers.

With very low creation costs, this is an exceptionally cost-effective operation where the income revenues far exceed the expense of running it. The current ownership spends just 10 hours per week on this turnkey operation, focusing on tasks such as setting budgets for marketing, content creation, and handling finances.

Outside of the freelance writers, the company has never used employees for daily operations, most of which are handled on Amazon’s end. There is an opportunity to launch their two new book series and to consider a significant expansion into new markets. China, India and Pakistan, with billions of readers, would be major markets to consider. The company has already demonstrated a talent for translating their books into new languages and finding a receptive audience in those markets.

A far more elemental option would be to continue adding new books to their most popular series, and of course to keep launching new and exciting series.

If there’s one thing that ties most of us together across the globe, it’s the love of books, and this brand has demonstrated that. This is a terrific opportunity to take hold of a business that not only has a very loyal audience, but an ever expanding one.

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Asking Price
$ 38,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,023,154
Gross Income
$ 4,906,855
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