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13 Year Luxury Fireplace Brand – Branded Website Sales – Highly Rated and Reviewed Ethanol Fireplaces


The target is a 13-year Luxury Fireplace Brand, a highly unique offering that is currently averaging 20% YOY growth with a high-value, high-quality product portfolio that comes with the highest online ratings, reviews and rankings in the industry. Known as the leader in the Ethanol Fireplace industry, this eCommerce Retailer is an established success that will be a breeze for any experienced owner to step into. There are plenty of opportunities to scale through digital, corporate and traditional means, such as extended marketing and partnership creation, which makes this a promising business ideal for a capable business owner that is looking to build something amazing with a solid foundation of success.

This fully established business produces high-quality ethanol fireplaces in multiple product lines and sells on multiple sales channels. They are well differentiated from the current industry along with regular fireplaces through their easy installation process, lack of permanent fixture and connection needs, and production of clean heat. Needing no chimneys, gas lines, venting, electricity, or flues, these beautiful SKUs produce no ash and runs solely on bioethanol. Some of the company’s products are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, making them trendy, convenient and modern. This brand is the only ethanol fireplace brand to be certified by both UL, Underwriters Laboratories, as well as by ULC, Underwriter Laboratories of Canada, and is well known in the industry. This brand is considered highly reputable with integrity, quality and reliability. Every product is thoroughly branded and ready to be shipped at any time. Coming prepackaged from China, these impeccable fireplaces make a statement for themselves through style, class and incredible customer service.

Standing at an average Google rating of 4.9 stars, this impressive offering stocks a total of 58 unique SKUs with an average order value of $1,800.00. Due to the incredible quality level, design and convenience of these products (along with stellar customer service) this company has over 200 reviews on Google and an almost perfect rating.

The current owners invest 20-25 hours per week on company operations, which is mainly spent answering calls and emails, as well as arranging outgoing shipments, typically 1-4 orders per day. All inventory is stocked in a 1,500-2,000 sq ft warehouse, with rush productions available from an established supplier.

Recent marketing efforts have proven the amazing scale opportunity available with this company. The company recently hired a consultant to oversee the Google PPC account, which has seen a 50% revenue increase since the marketing ramp up, this makes the overall potential ROI of similar advertising investments much higher as the PPC partnership moves forward. Immediate success has also been seen with outsourcing SEO. Amazon, however, represents virtually untapped potential for growth.

Scale opportunities exist, and in fact, have already been established.  This exceptional business just opened an Amazon storefront within this past year and has hired a PPC company to boost sales. As both initiatives have yielded an incredible response, there is every reason to predict a similar level of success with an extended optimization effort. Expansion to other online sales channels like,, and are other online avenues that are worth pursuing. Additionally, increasing the PPC budget could greatly increase sales and brand recognition. Traditional marketing channels are also a promising path, attending trade shows and establishing relationships with builders will lead to an increased market visibility.

This opportunity offers a highly specialized product branded with the top name across their entire industry. A new owner like you will benefit from its well-established, high-quality brand standing along with its already successful business model. This Brand is perfectly positioned to become an industry gamechanger.

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Listing ID:  WC2065

Asking Price
$ 775,000
Cash Flow
$ 217,376
Gross Income
$ 1,236,734
Year Established