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13 Year Seasoned Affiliate Network for eCommerce Advertisers & Publishers – Averages 1.5 Million Clicks Served Per Month – Staffed with 11 Employees


Website Closers® presents a unique offering with an unmatched track record of success in the booming field of CPA Marketing. Founded in 2008 by experienced industry professionals who worked as Advertisers and publishers with affiliate networks, they created a performance-based network based on what both advertisers and publishers want and need in a network – dedicated individualized service, diversification of options, security and integrity.

Through this foundation, the company created an atmosphere where both advertisers and publishers could thrive. The team helps advertisers create winning offers for their products, then distributes them to publishers who effectively manage the campaigns.

Their platform has brought in strong, growing sales over the past decade, with revenue generated through commissions from the sales generated by these partnerships. This affiliate network is now a key player in the advertising world, thanks to a dedicated team that works to coordinate and manage both advertisers and publishers. Leveraging innovative marketing techniques that include social media posts along with an SEO link building campaign, the business has 9,000+ email list and the ability to tap into their affiliate data, for a total of 800,000+. With a strong reputation within the evergreen advertising industry and the rampant growth of affiliate marketing boosting their client base, this company is extraordinarily well positioned to scale quickly.

Another key focus is to help identify high volume opportunities that top level employees could be taking advantage of. As a highly specialized online leader in the affiliate marketing space, this company benefits from having an experienced team in place to manage and expand its lead generation. The current owner would be open to staying on post-acquisition to assist in the transition and help a buyer find ways to retain equity while build this business to even higher levels of profitability. The company now has 8 employees and is looking to expand by another 5 to help grow out current and new departments. The business now employs several affiliate managers who take part in promotions at trade shows and are assigned publishers to get them started running new campaigns.

The Business Development Department focuses on bringing in new advertisers and managing those relationships, while identifying opportunities for revenue growth. Their work includes managing customer service call center operations.

A separate employee handles all client onboarding, reviewing new publisher applications, interviewing each one, and assigning them to different affiliate managers. This Human Resources position is also the first line of contact for the company’s main email box.

Finally, the company has a web developer who manages the company’s proprietary tracking platform, enhances it, corrects any issues, and handles all coding. Their website, which outlines their services and past successes, plays a crucial role in promoting the work they do.

Assembling the right team has been a key factor in their ongoing success; smart marketing tactics is another. The company has active accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and in addition to using those sites to drive traffic to the website, the company’s employees are constantly viewing other social media accounts looking for new opportunities.

They have an SEO program that puts a focus on link building to increase the number of quality inbound links to their website to help boost their search engine rankings. This strategy could be bolstered with the addition of content leadership and PPC advertising.

This brand takes a very hands-on approach to marketing, making regular appearances at trade shows within this industry. This has been a particularly effective marketing tool for the brand’s sales team, which has successfully used these events to market the company’s services to new advertisers and publishers in attendance.

Over the past decade, the company has built up a tremendous email database of 9,000+ subscribers, and the company has a significant added advantage in this area: the contractual right to market the email data of their affiliate advertisers and publishers, this gives them access to a staggering 800,000+ subscribers for various marketing purposes.

There are other marketing tactics that this company could employ to scale the business. One would be launching an internal media buying campaign that works to ensure the ads from their advertisers, and their own internal promotional marketing, is being linked to the intended audience to make it more effective and to ensure it gains maximum exposure.

The company could establish call centers to find new leads, and launch Pay Per Call affiliate networks that focus on the PPC model where payment is made to an affiliate per each call that leads to a customer conversion. There are plenty of Pay Per Call publishers around, and the company could put a more concerted focus on them. The company could also continue growing the business by putting their team into bigger departments to tap into their massive publisher base and expand by directly courting them.

It’s highly unlikely that the customer base for this business will ever show signs of diminishing. As long as there are products and services to be marketed to the American public, there will be advertisers and publishers eager to deliver their message to them. This brand has built its successful on getting those two key industries to create a smooth and efficient way to operate together. Their track record and gross revenues demonstrate they fully understand how to do that, and now it’s up to a new buyer to guide this business to an even more prominent position within the lucrative advertising world.

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Asking Price
$ 7,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,483,247
Gross Income
$ 13,520,008
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