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14 Year eCommerce Brand in the Sleepwear & Bedding Categories with a 50% Repeat Order Rate – $105 AOV – Strong Social Following – DTC, Amazon & Wholesale Channels

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Website Closers® presents an opportunity to acquire a growing eCommerce Company that provides their own brand of Moisture Wicking Sleepwear, Temperature Regulated Bedding, and Cooling Pajamas to help consumers achieve a better night’s sleep.

In addition to fully understanding that the customer base for a good night’s sleep is universal, the company has soared thanks to its Proprietary Fabric that provides men and women with a regulated temperature while they sleep. And since most women go through menopause and night sweats once they hit a certain age – this is a forever need fulfilled by an excellent product line. Whether their customers start out too hot or too cold, their sleepwear helps them get it just right.

After operating for more than a decade, the company now has 50+ Parent SKUs and many Child variations. Their sales are also healthy internationally. After initially starting with DTC sales on their Shopify website, the company expanded to include sales on Amazon, which are rising and performing well based on the strong product reviews. They also recently launched a separate website for wholesale accounts, which puts them into a position to expand rapidly in the retail markets. The response to their fully trademarked products has been enormously positive, with customers raving about how comfortable their products feel and how pleasantly they sleep at night.

With the exclusive worldwide rights to their proprietary fabric, the company’s unique SKUs have given them a strong footing in the apparel and bedding industry. Those are two very lucrative verticals to be operating in.

Both the bedding and sleepwear industries are growing, especially online, but they are also entirely evergreen since everyone shares an interest in getting the most relaxing sleep possible, especially those who toil through night sweats, menopause and more.

This brand has a unique, specialized appeal to their customer base because they developed sleepwear made from their own proprietary fabric 3 which they have exclusive worldwide rights to. Their sleepwear products are temperature regulating, moisture wicking and quick drying. The proprietary fabric draws heat and moisture away from the body and dries quickly 4 4X faster than cotton which helps manage the temperature swings often associated with night sweats. And with men and women rarely agreeing on where the thermostat should be set to at night 3 these products can help provide relief to both sides of the bed.

Their sleepwear is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying, and compact enough to be ideal for traveling. These sleepwear SKUs, which still make up 90% of their gross revenue, were successful enough that the company launched temperature-regulating bedding products, including cooling bamboo sheets, cool-wicking pillowcase sets, cooling pillows and mattress protectors, among others.

Launched 14 years ago, the company now markets 32 unique women’s sleepwear products, six men’s sleepwear items, and 14 bedding products, with various size and color variations. At an Average Order Value of $105, sales remain vibrant throughout the year, peaking over the holidays as their products have become popular as gift items.

Their customers have demonstrated a strong degree of loyalty to this brand, coming back to purchase additional items once they discover how well the initial purchase worked. They now have a 50% Repeat Customer Rate while their Lifetime Customer Value is $142.

The company also works to ensure they maintain the unique appeal of their brand. Their products are repeatedly tested against all other moisture-wicking sleepwear products, and those tests show that their fabric performs better than any brand tested when it comes to breathability, temperature regulation, dry time and overall moisture management.

Their customers appear to agree, since the company is enjoying a huge number of 5-star reviews from satisfied buyers happy to refer them to friends, family and others. Today the company has five trademarks worldwide.

The company now operates on three platforms, including their Branded Website for Direct to Consumer sales, which make up the bulk of their sales today, their Amazon account, and a separate website for wholesale accounts.

The Amazon store was launched in recognition that Amazon is the largest online eCommerce marketplace in the United States, with over 63% of search for consumer goods starting on that platform 3 this is an audience too strong to leave out. A lot of customers prefer using Amazon when they’re shopping online because they use it for so many other things and because their return policies are easy … so it made sense to make their products available there as well. Right now, the Amazon Account offers their sleepwear products and then directs customers to their Website for bedding products. Amazon now makes up 10% of sales, and that percentage trending up.

The wholesale site was launched recently, and sales are starting to pick up there as well. There is a huge opportunity at retail for this brand 3 it’s just a matter of a new owner taking the reins and investing the time and money to grow that channel.

heir sleepwear is sourced from a manufacturer in Thailand, while their bedding is sourced from two manufacturers in the U.S. While their revenues have mainly come from the U.S., the company is enjoying rising sales in Canada and Europe, and through their Amazon platform, has the ability for a much more expansive international presence through the eCommerce giant’s foreign platforms.

The company uses a 3PL for all Amazon and D2C fulfillment, so they have a solid reputation for strong customer service and fast deliveries. The company maintains $350,000+ worth of inventory to keep up with orders.

The company has a multifaceted approach to their marketing process, including using their Business Facebook (with 11,000+ followers) and Instagram (14,000+ followers) Accounts to boost organic traffic. Today, 65% of their sales are organic, something rarely found in most eCommerce companies and the company receives 40,000+ unique visitors a month to their website.

They benefit greatly from their successful SEO program, including the use of popular keywords related to their products, and an affiliate marketing program. PPC ads are run on Google and Facebook to help drive sales higher via paid media.

This is a very turnkey business that doesn’t require special skills to run. Current ownership works about 25 hours a week, focusing primarily on managing their marketing and inventory needs. Contractors are used to handling a variety of tasks, including fulfillment, inventory management, web development, and certain aspects of marketing. The contracted team is well-vetted and trained and has the experience to continue managing daily operations effectively under new ownership.

The current owner is available to stay on post-acquisition as a consultant if needed and/or train as necessary until the buyer is 100% comfortable with the transition.

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Asking Price
$ 1,260,000
Cash Flow
$ 315,336
Gross Income
$ 1,671,748
Year Established

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