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15 Year Brand in the Sports & Military Protective Gear Segments – Massive IP Portfolio of 100+ Patents – 40% Repeat Customer Rate – Used by NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, FIFA, BIG 10, SEC and Olympic Athletes

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Website Closers® presents a rare opportunity for an investor to acquire this 15-year-old premier company operating in the rapidly growing sports and military protective markets. Its extensive intellectual property (“IP”) portfolio, established brand, and impeccable reputation makes it capable of becoming the fourth largest multi-billion- dollar sports company in the world.

Their products are designed to protect people of all ages who are active in sports, as well as those in the military, and law enforcement. The products are in high demand but the Company’s limited capital has impeded sales growth. The company’s proprietary and patented SKUs have generated several first-in-world products that boast of a 40% ‘Repeat Customer Rate’ that confirms its product’s claims to protect and maintain customer satisfaction.

The sports products are made for kids in youth sports, as well as adults playing amateur and professional sports who prioritize protection and are willing to pay a premium for tested, proven, and certified gear.

Raising awareness of the long-term injuries and fatalities an athlete risks on the field is a major driver of this brand’s success. The performance advantages of its premier products are well established across a diverse customer base of sports leagues, schools, and colleges who routinely demonstrate their satisfaction with glowing 5-Star reviews. Much of this company’s success is a result of its highly defensible intellectual property comprised of 100+ patents granted in 24 countries that were independently valued at $322 million. The Company’s patented Commotio Cordis and head protection products, generating 60-80% profit margins, are in demand globally.

The Company’s proprietary military-grade composite that is thin, light, and flexible is used by the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Baseball Association (NBA), FIFA, BIG10, SEC and Olympics. The Company was even hired by actor Tom Cruise to create custom gear to protect his head and body during Cruise’s filming of Mission Impossible.

This incredible brand has a track record of success operating in a very lucrative industry. Sports are played year-round today and are virtually recession proof. Every day more people are becoming physically active, creating new markets, like head protection for ‘Pickle Ball,’ the fastest growing sport in the US.

The Company is seeking an exit that enables the new owners to build upon its successes. The founder and team are open to remaining with the Company after the transaction closes (and prefer this option). They seek a buyer/investor that has the capital resources and experience to take this business to the next level of becoming the fourth largest sports company in this multi-billion global market. To achieve this goal, working capital is needed for sales, marketing, and inventory.

Launched 15 years ago, the Company is the go-to protective gear option for pro and college team trainers and coaches. They have custom-built protective gear for top athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and Olympics. The company’s impressive growth has enabled them to expand to 30 types of products and 400 SKUs, including headgear, shoulder pads, cushioning insoles, full-arm padded sleeves, helmet liners, and shirts. The Company’s military-grade protection has been purchased by everyone from amateurs to elite professional athletes competing in the World Cup, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and other high-impact sports.

Their products are built to stringent specifications and are unlike any other on the market. Sold under their brand name at an Average Order Value of $144, these products sell consistently throughout the year, with the start of each sport season representing a new peak in sales. Their products are sold to a diverse customer base that includes parents, athletes, coaches, team trainers, and even team owners. Their product return rate is just 1%, while their Repeat Customer Rate keeps growing.

The Company’s intellectual property is a significant achievement. They have patents on these proprietary products in 24 countries, with their patient portfolio valued at $322 million. (Google purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion to acquire its thousands of phone related patents that enabled Google to launch its phone dynasty.) The company’s extensive patent portfolio on sport and military protection will give the buyer a commanding presence and distinct advantage in these markets. The brand has gotten recognition for products designed to offer protection from Commotio cordis, a condition that causes sudden cardiac arrest after a blunt impact to the chest. Now the No. 2 killer of athletes, their protective gear has the world’s only FDA claim for Commotio Cordis protection – a $4.5 billion new market.

Their products were also the subject of a published study by Tufts Medical Center on effective Commotio protection. With 45 million American athletes vulnerable to Commotio cordis in numerous sports, there is strong demand for these particular products as a means of safeguarding both adults and children from this fatal risk.

Similarly, their line of patented products for Concussion protective gear enabled the company to establish an alliance with a leading UK soccer team that has mandated all members wear head protection. European soccer leagues are considering mandating head protection, which will open a potential new market of 100 million players that would be required to wear rated/certified head protection for which the Company is well known.

Products are available in a number of sales channels, including their website,, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, where their product is among a very select few that are being sold in the protective headgear space.

The Company’s HQ is a 16,000 sq./ft. building with 5,000 sq./ft. of office space and 11,000 sq./ft. of warehouse space for inventory and fulfillment. Amazon and customer orders are shipped directly from their warehouse. The building accommodates freight deliveries and large outbound shipments. The company typically maintains a six-to-12-month inventory supply and orders replenishment products as needed.

The current ownership is comprised of a highly experienced professional team who oversees daily operations, marketing, logistics, inventory management, and order fulfillment. This team is available to remain on after the sale.

An investor has a rare opportunity to acquire this well-established brand that is positioned to profit from its impeccable reputation by infusing working capital for sales, marketing and advertising, as well as fuel expansion into new markets. Every component is poised for truly exceptional growth leveraging its unique products, high recurring sales, and very satisfied customer base.

A buyer gets the vast array of marketing tools for their brand with its 15-year history, which includes an email database, a blog on their website, and a social media base that maintains followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

The Company also runs limited paid ads on Amazon and Google, executed by a PPC specialist that concentrates on seasonal sports advertising. Limited budget is allocated for email campaigns that are used for newly launched products or discount opportunities, while banner ad placements on sports-related websites and attendance at tradeshows and sports conventions have contributed to building up their brand recognition.

There are so many ways to scale this Company with sufficient working capital, such as increasing social media presence, running video ads and additional video content on sites such as TikTok, and expanding to Amazon’s overseas platforms to manage sales globally.

The Company’s innovations in the field of sports has it positioned to surpass the competition. Their reputation for making high quality products with great margins makes this an unbeatable proposition for an ambitious buyer eager to operate an eCommerce business in high-growth fields.

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Asking Price
$ 300,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,264,000
Gross Income
$ 16,205,000
Year Established

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