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15 Year Digital Marketing Agency | Construction, Chiropractic & Auto Glass Verticals | Strong Recurring Revenue | Loyal Clients with Low Churn Rate | Strong YOY Growth

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Website Closers® presents a seasoned Digital Marketing Agency that offers clients an array of online services to help them drive traffic and conversions. They offer some of the most in-demand services for business owners looking to broadcast their brands, such as website design services, search engine optimization (SEO), social media content creation, lead generation & management, Google Ads management & lead generation. They cater primarily to smaller businesses across the US, with a focus on the Construction, Chiropractic and Auto Glass Repair industries.

With 15 years of experience behind them and a strong, loyal customer base in place, the business is ready to scale into adjacent industries. The brand sees consistent sales year after year, with very little seasonality to speak of. This stability is in part due to how their contracts are structured, with their agreements billed monthly in most cases (with the rest being billed on an annual basis). Their average monthly marketing contracts range in size from $1,000 to $1,500, while their average website development contracts range from $3,000 to $4,000.

Business Broker Takeaways

1. Straightforward Marketing Campaign. The agency’s marketing campaign is simple and highly organic, with their core strategies consisting of networking with small business owners, referrals, and social media advertising done on their Facebook and Instagram channels. The agency also maintains a blog on their website dedicated to valuable marketing tips and tricks, encouraging additional organic traffic that could be built upon by the right buyer

2. Loyal Client Base. The brand’s client base has proven to be dedicated consumers, with many of their accounts having been with the business for over 1 year. They have built strong relationships with these accounts due to their excellent services, fair pricing, and adaptability to every new product that has come out over the past 16 years. Their clients’ loyalty contributes to the stability of their sales, giving them a solid foundation to work with.

3. Polished Team. Rather than hire standard full-time or part-time employees, the brand instead employs a refined team of subcontractors to complete and manage their ongoing projects. Their team is fair priced, finishes products by deadlines, and is easy to work with, while also allowing the business to operate at reduced full-time employee costs.


The current ownership’s key responsibilities consist of managing customers primarily through email and managing new and current projects. The seller also attends networking events every month to form valuable new connections with potential clients, and to bolster their reputation among their target audience.

Scale Opportunities

The agency exists in a market that enjoys growing demand from entrepreneurs around the world, which, coupled with the dedicated client base they possess, puts them in a great position to scale. They could tap into the growing market by adding new industries and business sectors to their core focus, letting them appeal to a wider number of potential clients.

One of the most effective ways a buyer could scale the brand, however, would be to improve their own marketing campaign. They could deploy link building campaigns and scale their existing social media advertisements, strengthening the sturdy bonds they have built with their consumers, bolstering their organic growth, and adding to their reputation. They could also invest in SEO with targeted keywords on their website and additional blog posts and scale their paid Meta and Google Ads.

Another sound marketing strategy they could take would be to advertise outside of the digital sphere and continue networking at small business events, such as trade shows for contractors and chiropractors. By making a physical appearance at these events, potential clients can put a face to the name behind the business, building trust and forming useful connections among the brand’s core demographics.


This agency has made a name for themselves among small businesses since 2009, when they first entered the market. They have consistently performed well throughout the years due to their excellent services, and the work that their team of subcontractors has put in has kept their clients regularly coming back for more. This is also the first time this agency has been offering for sale, making this a valuable opportunity to purchase them directly from their founder.

The seller is interested in facilitating a smooth transitional training period and handoff, which will assist a buyer in quickly learning the ins and outs of their new responsibilities.

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WC 3404

Asking Price
$ 2,225,000
Cash Flow
$ 494,643
Gross Income
$ 895,422
Year Established

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