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15 Year Digital Marketing Agency for the Mortgage, Legal & Insurance Industries – 299+ Client – Monthly Recurring Revenue (Managed Services)

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Website Closers® presents a digital marketing agency and call center that has done exceptionally well servicing B2B clients in the Mortgage industry… giving those customers the ability to improve their sales and continue to expand. With a pledge to help their clients acquire more customers, this agency’s expertise in digital marketing services, SEO and reputation management, concierge sales and consulting has enabled this company to attract a significant client base. Over the past 15 years, this company has done an impressive job building its reputation within the industry and delivering results – they have become highly profitable by using the power of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube to elevate their clients.

This brand operates within a field that is experiencing unprecedented growth. The global digital marketing market was valued at $305 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $807 billion by 2026, a stunning 17.6% growth rate. The future growth prospects for the digital marketing industry are expected to remain very high because of the rising population of people who are consuming information and conducting business entirely through digital channels. For the business world, it’s no longer feasible to ignore the fact that there are 4.6 billion active internet users worldwide, or that 92% of them access the internet on their mobile devices. The fact that search engines now drive 93% of all website traffic means businesses absolutely need to invest in a smart digital marketing program or become virtually obsolete to shoppers going online.

This brand, which implements digital marketing campaigns that drive targeted inbound leads for clients, has an experienced team of 20 employees who manage their client accounts and nurture their inbound leads. This company has the right management team in place to scale and grow rapidly which will transition to the buyer. Offering a concierge sales service makes this business a truly unique digital and call center agency. It’s a one stop sales shop that helps grow and retain clients. For clients that want to hire their own concierge, they have a mastermind program the client can join where they work with the client to hire their own concierge. Then the agency provides a daily training call where they manage their clients’ concierge agent for them. Clients utilize this concierge service to turns new leads into application appointments. Their clients love this high touch approach, which offers client services and sales at the same time. This company now has 299 clients who have come to them to manage their most profitable marketing processes, from PPC campaigns, to a high value concierge sales assistant to an automation platform that helps professionals increase sales conversions.

Their sales are primarily driven by clients who sign up for monthly managed services – valuable recurring revenue. Over $22,000 is generated each month from clients who use this company to craft their Facebook ads, while $75,000 is generated monthly from managing Google ad campaigns.

Although based in Canada, just 10% of their revenue comes from Canadian clients, with the bulk of their clients coming from the U.S. This agency serves mortgage companies at the national corporate level (These are amazing opportunities to cross-sell new products from the acquiring organization), as well as branch managers and independent Loan Officers. There are a number of positive corporate relationships that can be nurtured along with the sale to create new opportunities for the acquiring company.

Just as digital marketing is their specialty, the brand also excels at using it to expand their own client base. They also frequently host free webinars on their social media sites and podcasts to provide useful information and to help clients understand how they can assist them. Their monthly live webinars review smart strategies that can be used to attract new customers, and this has proven to be an enormously valuable way of convincing their own clients to sign up.

A blog on their website is effectively used to boost organic traffic. Another key marketing tool for them has been paid media, which in the past 12 months have generated 670 sales consultations and led to 142 closed sales. In fact, the brand enjoys a massive 281% ROI from their paid ads, which represents 70% of sales.

That leaves this brand with plenty of leeway when it comes to scale. The company’s success in attracting clients who are loan officers or in similar positions gives them enormous growth potential in the U.S. alone, where there are more than 1 million people working in that field.

There is an immediate opportunity to simply expand the successful marketing campaigns into other markets such as the UK and Australia. The brand could also increase its PPC ad spend, attend trade shows, increase its existing successful cold outreach campaigns and grow its successful setter/sales model as key methods to scale.

As a full-time marketing agency, the current ownership benefits from having a strong and experienced team in place, including directors of operations, marketing and team leads who manage Google, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for clients, Google Ad Specialists who handle client account management, and specialists who do the same for their Facebook Ad campaigns. Their customer support lead manages their support system for clients, while the company also employs account managers and their sales team. Accounting is fully managed.

This brand has done an exceptional job attracting a strong client base in a number of very prominent and lucrative industries, and they have the ability to scale quickly in a host of appealing ways.

Contact Website Closers today to learn more about this business and how it can become one of the smartest financial investments a buyer can make.

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Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers
WC 2652

Asking Price
$ 2,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 684,380
Gross Income
$ 1,931,563
Year Established

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