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15 Year Established Cooking Platform – 400+ Cooking Shows, Recipe Books, Culinary Advice and Meal Prep Services


This innovative production studio with a focus on culinary arts, activities, and shows is an industry leading hub for cooking shows, recipe books, expert culinary advice, and meal prep services. A dynamic video content productions studio, this lucrative business carries a 15 Year history of success and growth in addition to current contracts that pay for the entire studio income and then some. Leveraging both an active email list of more than 850,000 contacts and a video library consisting of 400+ shows, this fully established brand is well-known throughout this booming market. In fact, the studio has close ties to The Food Network, PBS, NBC, and streaming platforms including Vimeo and Roku. With a proprietary sponsorship acquisition system, this studio carries a reliably growing model that is sure to bring lasting success to its lucky new buyer. That being said, there is also immense opportunity for growth through the expansion of their streaming network onto platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix; social media improvements; SEO implementation; and more impactful utilization of their vast industry contacts (a list of more than 5,000 highly regarded experts). This is an unparalleled and exceedingly unique offering that will bring lasting success to any capable buyer.

The key to this lucrative business’ jaw-dropping growth its deep industry connections spanning both the culinary and video production verticals. From its state-of-the-art cooking studio to its 3 full professional kitchens, this studio has been developed to drive incredible success. With established connections to national networks and international streaming services this company is perfectly poised for exponential growth. In fact, the current owner who is incredibly well versed in every aspect of this industry is ready and willing to stay on to ensure the new owner’s lasting success.

With boundless ability to scale, this studio will skyrocket with the implementation of more dynamic marketing tactics such as social media optimization, a higher focus on their proprietary sponsorship system, influencer advertising, and community building. An extremely popular content vertical, this culinary company should leverage Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook to further establish their name within its target audience as well as to gain contacts for their already vast network. Another impactful path would be to expand their streaming capabilities using platforms such as Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

Operating for more than 15 years, this content production studio is a proven and solid business with immeasurable opportunities that will only grow as entertainment trends and new technologies emerge. With strong connections to industry leading networks both online and broadcast, this opportunity is an innovative investment for any aspiring food entrepreneur, chef, or producer looking to expand their horizons. Strategically developed to scale dramatically over the foreseeable future, this company is poised to grow tremendously, parallel to its booming market. Currently actively engaged with audiences on YouTube, FoodyTV, Roku, and Groupon, expanding this cutting-edge production studio will be swift and seamless. Publishing on streaming channels such as Netflix and Hulu could be an immensely beneficial endeavor. Additionally, participation on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are proven paths to success within the food, cooking, and entertainment industries.

Moving forward from its direct industry paths, this company will also benefit greatly from the addition of thought leadership initiatives such as chef blogging, exclusive recipes, celebrity cookbooks as well as cookbooks to match their airing shows, and even culinary chatbots and mobile applications that help people find out what they can cook based on the food in their fridge. With these opportunities and so many more, a strategic new owner is sure to dramatically scale this culinary empire.

With strong ties to celebrity chefs, this video production company hosts popular culinary shows lead by a myriad of industry professionals including the current owner. Willing to stay on after the transition, this seller is a well-known chef and host himself who has used his extensive industry experience to build and grow this business. He would like to remain on staff to host shows, help write new recipe books, and help the new owners in any way they may deem fit.

Another key to this company’s current success is its proprietary system for generating sponsors and influencer revenue. The existing framework in place has delivered reliable and consistent returns making this impressive company what it is today. This highly innovative and completely exclusive process can be easily expanded to bring in additional profits.

Dedicating an average of 30 hours per week to maintaining and scaling this business, current ownership is in charge of social media posting, coordinating filming, and recipe design, this company’s operations are seen to entirely by the current owner. These hours are sure to be less for the new buyer is they continue to keep the current owner on staff to take care of much of the creative responsibilities. In addition to the owner at present, this company employs a team of 2 experts who manage editing and sales.

Throughout this company’s more than 15 years of expertise, the business has seen phenomenal returns on bumper advertisements and native marketing. That being said, the lucky new owner will be able to effectively skyrocket revenue through a higher utilization of paid advertising and digital content creation.

A strategically designed offering, this company has been developed for lasting success and seamless scaling. With a strong standing within a growing market, this culinary production studio is an acquisition that will set its new owner up for unimaginable success. An exceedingly lucrative investment, this brand would make an unparalleled addition to any cooking empire or a great foothold for a new entrepreneur looking to enter the video production, content creation, or culinary field.

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