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16 Year eCommerce Business – Modern, Waterproof Outerwear – $185 AOV – 30% Repeat Order Rate – Website, Wholesale & QVC Sales Channels – Multiple Brands

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Website Closers® presents a men and women’s fast-fashion eCommerce apparel brand with a number of sales channels, including an impressive 100 retailers via their wholesale division. First established in 2006, the company has spent years dabbling with various forms of fabric technology to produce a stylish range of jackets, coats, and other outerwear. Though these products were a success, they truly hit their stride in 2011 when one of the owners, a pioneer in the snowboarding industry, put their expertise to use to launch its first two weatherproof fashion jackets.

The jackets combine fashion and function, complimenting their buyer’s wardrobe while keeping them safe and comfortable when facing harsh elements. A small collection made up of these specialized products quickly grew to make up the bulk of the company’s sales, and in 2015, the owners decided to make the most of it. They left behind their previous streetwear branding, and began exclusively pursuing modern, sturdy outerwear. The company released their men’s label the same year, and have been riding the momentum ever since.

Most weather resistant outerwear, while effective, are styled in such a way that they look better suited to camping than a night out on the town. The company’s proprietary designs manage to maintain a fashionable uptown look, while still keeping customers warm and dry wherever they go. Their niche has proven highly popular among customers, earning them an Average Order Value of $185, and a healthy 30% Repeat Customer Rate.

Their outerwear utilizes different natural fiber fabric such as cotton and wool blends and manufacturing techniques to suit different climates and temperatures, making them incredibly versatile regardless of where a customer may live. This has led to an incredibly varied consumer base, with customers averaging between 26 and 70 years of age. Though they regularly serve travelers and downtown commuters, their biggest demographic by far has been women within the 40 to 50 age range. These women are typically stay-at-home moms living in suburban areas, or professionals making a name for themselves in big cities.

The company has worked diligently to keep up with the latest trends, rolling out new styles and variants to match their customers’ tastes. They now have 33 SKUs in their roster, which feature a wide range of excellent products. Though their waterproof fashion hoodies and urban commuter jackets have been their best sellers, they also offer bags and even waterproof dog jackets. Remarkably for their age, they boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating, as well as a 0.5% product return rate.

All of their products are designed and developed with the help of the company’s suppliers, and sold exclusively under their two brand names. About 80% of their total sales are made through D2C websites, with the rest being generated by their wholesale and QVC channels. As wholesale made up roughly 50% of their revenue several years ago, the current owners believe that it will quickly rocket back to that level soon enough. Some of the businesses that have featured their products include, but aren’t limited to, fashion boutiques, outdoor retailers, and even airports.

Their current channels are overwhelmingly popular, and in the hands of the right buyer, they could only continue to grow and develop. However, by expanding into additional eCommerce platforms, they could see even more diversified profit. An Amazon storefront would be a fantastic place to start from, with the owners predicting that it could double, or even triple, total sales within a short amount of time. Additionally, Amazon’s international websites would make it possible to pursue global expansion, allowing their brand to spread around the world.

A stronger advertising campaign would benefit not just any new storefronts a buyer may choose to make, but the business as a whole, as well. They could invest more heavily into focused Facebook and Google Ads and, if they begin selling on Amazon, pursue paid marketing there for quick results. Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media websites would offer a great source of organic traffic, and could be supplemented through carefully planned influencer marketing. They could also draw in more organic customers by creating a stronger SEO campaign, which would let them benefit from being one of the few brands operating within their specific niche.

The company is a veteran within a widely applicable, incredibly lucrative niche. Their unique line of products, excellent manufacturers, and high rate of customer satisfaction mean that the right buyer will have little trouble scaling it.

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Asking Price
$ 435,000
Cash Flow
$ 128,657
Gross Income
$ 434,543
Year Established

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