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17 Year B2B Services Company in Web Design & Maintenance – 77% Recurring Revenue – SBA Pre-Qualified


Website Closers® presents a powerful and innovative web design and managed services company. This SBA Qualified offering leverages marketing practices, website design expertise, as well as cutting edge programming, hosting, and maintenance to drive a show-stopping 77% Recurring Revenue Rate. Earning 20% YOY growth, this 17-year established market leader has made a name for themselves through reliable results and service development that has kept them consistently ahead of the competition.

Currently catering to the booming ecommerce retail sales market, this company has provided fully compliant POS systems for controlled products and services such as medicine and alcohol for more than a decade. Specializing in Business, PHP, and eCommerce website development and maintenance alongside brand building and logo design, this one-stop-shop for digital expertise leverages a strong database of 5,000+ contacts to reliably grow their business. Additionally, this opportunity carries almost substantial ties with long term, loyal, and contractually guaranteed clients. An unrivaled offering, this company has stood firm over the Pandemic and seen no drop in sales due to the past year’s hardships.

Steadily growing in both client base and profitability, this Internet Services Company has achieved a 7% YOY improvement in net margins. A digital offering, this company is uniquely positioned to grow in both efficacy and revenue streams over the coming years. This company has set its sights on the emerging industries and is already seeing phenomenal growth from this channel. A scale oriented incoming owner could further these POS system initiatives to enter other profitable fields such as retail, convenience stores, and more.

Operating as a digital guru in the B2B space, this brand has a strong foundation of long-standing industry relationships that work to bring in significant, recurring sales. Seeing no negative effects from the current pandemic, the company has a robust framework that encourages retainer contracts as well as consistently growing interest. Selling impeccable services, software systems, and around the clock support, this company utilizes proprietary coding, software, and knowledge to further solidify their competitive edge.

Dedicating an average of 35 hours each week, current ownership is responsible for overseeing all accounts and coordination with the project managers to ensure the completion of all tasks, monitoring all emails, payroll, bill pay, and assigning new tasks as they arise. These tasks could be swiftly minimized with the addition of a VA, or virtual assistant. With a full team of 3 full time employees, 7 full time contractors, and 1 part time tech support representative, this company is run impactfully by an experienced team that can easily be retained to ensure a smooth transition. The entire team runs remotely which will additionally boost the transition productivity and minimize overhead costs.

Growing this offering, an incoming buyer could streamline and upgrade the current marketing efforts through SEO tactics and internal website development. Other promising paths to extended success include, affiliate marketing, brand development on social media, industry connection development through trade shows and content leadership, and strong remarketing campaigns. Focusing on the most successful B2B channels, this company could target Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to drive their own lead generation.

A 17-year digital development leader, this software company leverages incredible technical know-how, impactful services, and striking design prowess to deliver unparalleled results for both themselves and their clients. Carrying a database of more than 5,000 qualified leads along with consistently impressive growth, this acquisition is a strategic investment that could lead to tremendous, lasting profitability for any lucky new owner.

This Online Business Services Company Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2245

Asking Price
$ 1,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 318,122
Gross Income
$ 810,920
Year Established