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17 Year eCommerce Brand in the Decorative Fans Vertical – All In-House Designs – Primarily Amazon & Big Box Retail – $750 AOV – 76% YOY Profit Growth

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Website Closers® presents a time-tested, 17-year-old Designer Brand that designs, manufactures, and imports a proprietary array of exquisite table fans, pedestal fans, and various indoor décor items. All products are a part of a growing catalog of offerings that are truly unique designs that consumers cannot find anywhere else, which allows for higher margins and AOVs than traditional indoor fans and décor. The products are also better built, which allows them to last longer. Their fans are their most notable part of the catalog – all are functional, aesthetically beautiful, and conversation starters, in contrast to traditional utility fans.

The bulk of revenue is derived from, where the brand has a strong rating and great product reviews. In addition, they also distribute their products among many big box stores, including,, Pottery, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Home and Additionally, they also distribute to a myriad of resellers and wholesale accounts.

The company makes use of a mixture of inventory models. Strategies like dropshipping, stocking inventory and Amazon FBA are employed to reduce expenses based on order volumes and storage costs. At any given time, Amazon maintains a fifth of all merchandise.

Controlling quality is crucial to management. Before packing and again when they arrive at the thirdparty logistics provider, all products are scrutinized. Before delivery, inspections include checking the mechanical competency, the paint, and the presence of all parts. Arrival inspections involve looking for transit damage or evidence of container deterioration.

Using forecasts, the company orders seasonal bulk supplies every year in the third quarter. Management will make extra stock replenishment orders as necessary during the season to accommodate any rises over predictions or opportunities for made-to-order products. Payment is due at the time of shipment

The archetypal consumer is a female between her mid-twenties and fifties with middle to high income. She is very particular about how her items are displayed in her home. The ability for a product to blend in with any style or setting is essential, as is design.

The brand enjoys excellent direct-to-consumer sales through its website and Amazon, where there is enormous scale potential.

The owners devote the majority of their attention to finance, manufacturing, sales, R&D, and operations. An additional employee works in Asia and another deals with client queries.

Sponsored content, discounts, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click ads are all included in customer acquisition efforts. The proprietors acknowledge that they lack expertise in digital marketing, which creates an immense prospect for a new owner to expand the company significantly.

Despite this lack of marketing prowess, the brand collection maintains organic popularity because of its exclusive position in the fan market. Sales are fueled by cutting-edge aesthetic and functional designs, strong manufacturing, and few production or quality problems. Customers adore the products; all that needs to be done is to increase public awareness of their existence.

Despite the business’s success, there remain numerous growth prospects. The development potential for a buyer exists in online retail platforms and across other outlets. Revenues can skyrocket with clever campaigns on the appropriate channels. The website also offers sizable growth potential and the chance for a buyer to boost profits while attracting new visitors.

As fruitful as the business is, they have not yet taken advantage of the industry’s influencer marketing opportunities, affiliate relationships, email marketing, or focused on social media. All options have shown a great return on investment in this niche and can easily be outsourced to specialists or an agency.

This business has proven that it has what consumers desire for furnishing their indoor and outdoor areas as well as meeting their wants for a particular way of life. Management could profitably diversify into other product verticals. The company has an outstanding track record that any acquirer may use as the foundation for extraordinary expansion.

Any entrepreneur would appreciate this company’s track record, structures, customer base, and connections. The brand can scale rapidly and swiftly under new stewardship with Amazon experience or with a network of wholesale buyers.

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WC 2933

Asking Price
$ 900,000
Cash Flow
$ 293,136
Gross Income
$ 2,287,805
Year Established

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