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17 Year Online Retail Business in the Yoga Products & Accessories Vertical – eCommerce & Wholesale Sales Channels – 2 Brands – 42% Net Margins

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Website Closers® presents a well-established company comprising two premium brands in the yoga niche. Products and accessories include 400 SKUs that are used by almost every yoga studio worldwide. Top sellers include bolsters, blocks, blankets, meditation cushions, and straps.

Sourcing & Logistics 

Items are sourced from six suppliers in the US, India and China. Management maintains between $250,000 and $300,000 of inventory and places five to six container orders annually to ensure optimal stock levels. An inventory management system tracks and alerts them to streamline the process. Between 10 and 30 orders are dispatched daily from the company’s 10,000-square-foot warehouse.

All products are labeled and sold under the brand names, which have become widely recognized in the industry and are synonymous with quality and value.

The Business

A wholesale arm has cleverly been incorporated into the business through its websites, and wholesale pricing is available to everyone without the need to create an account or log in. Purchase Orders are accepted, and credit terms are extended to qualified organizations.

Customer service is a focus and a critical aspect of the company’s success. Specific areas stand out. Firstly, returns are straightforward and handled expediently. The owner wants customers to know their business is appreciated, so an easy, no-hassle return policy has been implemented. This has boosted the Repeat Purchase Rate and wholesale orders as consumers are advised to order samples before placing bulk orders to ensure they are completely satisfied.

Same-day shipping is also prioritized, and for those needing expedited service, the team goes above and beyond to ensure products are received precisely when required.

Finally, a full one-year warranty is offered as insurance for the product’s quality. These efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and have fostered loyalty and gratitude.

Marketing & Customer Base

The marketing approach is uncomplicated but includes various strategies to drive traffic to the websites. SEO, organic social media, email newsletters, and PPC are all utilized.

The typical customer is a female between 35 and 55, based on the east coast. They want great value and fast, free shipping.

Although the business does not rely on seasonality, it enjoys peaks from Q1 until the beginning of Q3 and again from September.

The owner dedicates no more than two hours daily to the business, focusing on inventory management and website work. One employee assists temporarily in unloading containers when they arrive.

Scale Opportunities

As successful as the business is, various avenues are available to a buyer to scale it dramatically and enjoy considerable top and bottom-line growth.

Firstly, introducing a clothing line would attract existing and new customers interested in apparel, broadening the audience and boosting Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value. Doing so would align seamlessly with the brand’s yoga lifestyle.

Revisiting the plan to introduce new brands despite prior pandemic supply chain disruptions offers a chance to fortify market presence. Multiple brands within yoga and wellness could cater to diverse preferences.

Expanding the product line with complementary items like massage tools could drive cross-selling opportunities, enhancing the brand’s reputation as a wellness destination.

Leveraging social media, especially platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, could exponentially increase engagement, nurturing a loyal following and driving sales growth.

Optimizing Amazon listings and advertising could substantially increase revenue from the platform, which is currently at only 5%. Additionally, exploring Walmart’s marketplace offers an avenue to tap into new consumer demographics, further diversifying revenue streams and market reach.

Yoga’s universal appeal has sparked an expansive global growth trajectory, seamlessly integrating into diverse exercise routines. This ancient practice’s versatility and holistic benefits have propelled its widespread adoption, with enthusiasts embracing its physical, mental, and spiritual advantages. Amidst this surge, established eCommerce businesses stand on the brink of exponential expansion. Customers are drawn towards online avenues and demand swift deliveries, impeccable service, and value-driven offerings. Subsequently, these brands are primed for unprecedented growth under capable new management.

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WC 3244

Asking Price
$ 500,000
Cash Flow
$ 173,042
Gross Income
$ 384,976
Year Established

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