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SBA Prequalified 17 Year Website Development & Maintenance Company – Strong Recurring Revenues – Growing Customer Base


Website Closers® presents an innovative, SBA prequalified business that successfully provides one of the most in-demand services today: website development and maintenance. This is an ever-increasing industry with no to low seasonality, and one that’s growing in remarkable leaps and bounds. Every new business or organization that forms in today’s society needs a website, but there are also millions of existing businesses as well that need to revamp or relaunch their existing site to make it more user friendly and search optimized. This need will likely never end.

For nearly two decades, this creative company has been cultivating its continuously growing customer base which remains fiercely loyal. This brand provides a website content management platform to its customers, who are billed an average of $725 a month for maintenance.

The brand currently has 104 clients with 97 paying monthly and 7 paying annually. Their churn rate is an incredibly low 4%. Founded 17 years ago to provide companies and organizations large and small with website hosting, maintenance, and support, this company has earned a phenomenal average order value of $725 a month for maintenance, and as new websites are added to the platform, there is a build fee of $75,000 on average per site. This fee includes one-time services to get the website up and running along with processes for content migration.

Few, if any, business do not have a website today. Companies from tiny startups to major corporations are investing in the most sophisticated and user-friendly websites possible. It’s virtually impossible for them to remain competitive without one. At the same time, in 2020 more companies than ever before began to see the value of having a website – and a good one. Research by Oberlo indicates that in 2020, 53% of small business owners increased the number of online interactions they had with clients. Their website absolutely did count.

Their standard agreements are all-inclusive. They cover smaller projects done after the website is launched, such as revisions to the homepage and new content. The company handles front-line support in-house while employing contractors to handle any additional tasks.

This business has done an exceptional job of building its customer base on word-of-mouth advertising from their highly satisfied customers. As the company has grown in reputation and awareness, their client base has continued to expand. The company now operates within a highly diverse field of clients, which includes:

  • Universities and other institutions of higher education
  • Municipal school districts
  • Nonprofit organizations that include hospitals and youth agencies
  • Utilities
  • Institutions such as museums and community education boards
  • Private businesses

One thing these vastly different clients have in common is that they’re highly visible to the public, and they need a reliable platform to communicate with them. They also need a site that is easy for their staff to maintain. Essentially what this business has created is a platform for empowering their clients’ communications. They provide a simple platform that still allows for flexible designs and easy training for all users.  This has been a key to the company’s success. Their customers have enjoyed their one-stop-shop approach to meeting all their website needs. Each of their clients then continue to contract with a trusted service provider for maintenance. This powerful framework carries an enviable 80% customer retention rate over the last five years.

Their longstanding customer loyalty has also been reflected in the incredibly positive reviews that the company receives from clients. Earning an incredible online brand standing, this company has an opportunity to upsell products such as new designs, social media services, and accessibility scanning tools.

This business has benefitted tremendously from referrals. The brand has built up a highly profitable email database of 3,890+ subscribers, which can be effectively leveraged through an improved email marketing campaign, along with a newsletter.

The brand has boosted its organic traffic in other ways as well, including through its engaging social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also have a blog on their website for the SEO benefits. These efforts have worked and have given the brand 4,500+ visitors a month to their website.

This is a business where a buyer will enjoy strong recurring revenues, with little to no need for injection of working capital is required to keep it operating smoothly. This business is so well automated that the current owner has only needed to devote 10 hours over the past three months to operate it. The system itself is entirely self-sufficient, and the owner can go months without needing to handle anything directly. In fact, the current owner has one employee, a program director who handles customer service requests for 20 hours per week. They manage tickets while onboarding and training customers. Alternatively, many of their customers self-train with the assistance of the brand’s online support directory.

With more than 100 clients paying the recurring monthly and annual fees, this company retains a steady revenue with terrific scale options.  The company could expand its digital marketing efforts, expand their services, and utilize an SEO keywords program to rank higher on Google. They could also engage in software and app creation to draw in additional interest.

Today, businesses are only too eager to have the best tools for communicating with their clients, and that all starts with the most effective website possible. This brand has already demonstrated they not only know how to provide clients with an expert user-friendly website, but also cultivate sky-high customer loyalty in maintaining those sites. This is a great opportunity to take on their customer base, and then find creative ways to expand it.

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