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20 Year eCommerce Brand – Body Jewelry Vertical – Sticky Client Base – 40% Repeat Order Rate – 100% Private Label – 15,000+ SKUs

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Website Closers® presents a 20-year eCommerce Brand with a Massive Social Following that has established itself as a top brand in the Body Jewelry Category. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a business that is professionally managed, highly performing and well-established within a popular niche. They have risen far above many of their competitors, and with their excellent products and polished marketing strategy, massive growth opportunity lies ahead.

Professionally managed, and with two decades of experience in their valuable niche, this 100% private label branded company has seen over $17 million worth of revenue in each of the past three years. They have over 15,000 SKUs, and, despite the sheer bulk of their numbers, have very low concentration risk. In place is a well-designed business structure that has allowed for an incredibly turnkey management strategy.

Their SKUs cover a wide range of popular body piercing varieties, including, but not limited to, earrings, lips, septum, tongue, and belly. All of their products are sold under their brand, and they have strong relationships with their primary suppliers that span over 15 years. Additionally, the company provides fashion and high-end jewelry made from 14k gold and platinum, which are crafted in-house by their certified gemologist and master jeweler. Whether a customer is looking for a piece that they can leave in with little maintenance, or several pieces they can swap between to suit their style for the day, the company has a product to meet their needs.

The company’s fashion body jewelry is made from high-quality, safe materials, including 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, 14kt Gold, Titanium, PTFE, and .925 Sterling Silver. With a product catalog that’s about ten times larger than those of their competitors, affordable pricing, and excellent product craftsmanship, they have rocketed to the position of a leading online seller of body jewelry products in the US. Their inventory sell-through rate stands at a truly astounding 100%, and their Repeat Customer Rate stands at an equally impressive 40%.

They sell 70/30 across their website and Amazon, with a ROAS of 2.5 across their various channels. These channels provide sales diversity with nearly no seasonality to speak of. On their Amazon storefront, the company boasts strong product reviews, a strong account rating, and an assortment of coveted Amazon Choice Badges associated with relevant industry keywords. On both Amazon and their website, they have hundreds of five-star reviews expressing delight in their purchases, praising how comfortable the piercings are to insert and wear, and extensive comments about the quality and reliability of the products.

They have implemented a thorough marketing campaign, which focuses heavily on leveraging social media to drive traffic and conversions. They use PPC on Google, Amazon, and Bing, and advertise across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Their official social media accounts have massive audiences, with over 2 million followers scattered across the various platforms that they post from.

They have also created aggressive email and SMS marketing strategies to market to their existing customer base, effectively utilizing their over 3 million email subscribers, and over 800,000 SMS subscribers. Roughly 40% of the company’s revenue is generated through these two methods alone, showing just how effective this strategy has been in driving their profits. Of course, they also supplement their organic traffic by keeping their website and product descriptions optimized as well. They have an in-house copywriting team to strengthen and secure their SEO position, which has kept them ranking high in search results.

The brand also has a small affiliate program establishing proof of concept, but the bulk of their traffic comes through their organic marketing strategies. Approximately 40% of their traffic comes from direct and Google organic, which, when combined with their other assortment of strategies, has given them an impressive monthly average of over 800,000 visitors. Like with many things, their marketing plan can be strengthened further, with one such method being to strengthen the affiliate program. In doing so, the company could encourage fans to spread the word about the brand, in order to receive various perks and benefits as a result.

Strategic ads on Google could also help boost DTC traffic, and target more international markets for the company to strengthen their foothold. 10% of their sales are already non-US organically, and by specifically targeting these geographies, and by using Amazon’s international channels to create official storefronts in different regions, they could grow from a top body jewelry provider in the US to a top provider globally. International sales would diversify the company’s profits, and provide additional scale.

Outside of its international potential, Amazon can also become a much larger sales channel through the right strategies. Extensive opportunity exists for the optimization of listings as Amazon has been viewed as a secondary channel to date. Additionally, there is an opportunity to expand wholesale business through their existing Vendor Central account. As well, a huge growth opportunity exists through growing the company’s existing monthly subscription clubs.

The company also has ample opportunity to expand into wholesale and retail locations to grow their customer base and make their products more accessible to casual shoppers. As they already sell through Walmart’s online store, branching out to sell in their brick-and-mortar storefronts would be an excellent next step. The nature and structure of the business also mean they can see consistent growth simply by adding to their catalog, as it gives potential customers more options that might suit their preferences, and existing buyers more products to add to their collection.

While the scope of the brand may be vast, they are fully staffed, and thanks to their long-term management and team, has become an incredibly turn-key business. Many of their employees have been with the company for over 15 years, and are responsible for handling daily customer orders, marketing, and manufacturing the products. Ownership is passive, with the current owner remotely spending 3 hours per week attending management meetings. The lightweight management structure will not only make the transition process much easier on the buyer but allows them to enjoy a steady stream of passive income without straining their schedule.

The current owner has implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS, in order to strengthen and improve the key components of the business. As a result, the company has been built to withstand the test of time, and offer a comfortable amount of room for growth in the future.

This company is currently operated out of a 50,000-square-foot warehouse & office building located in Buffalo, NY. This real estate is available to be purchased from the owners or leased back at market rates. Additional details are available.

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Asking Price
$ 21,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,914,794
Gross Income
$ 19,434,240
Year Established

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