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20 Year eCommerce Business in the Gondola Shelving, Warehouse Racks & Storage Vertical – Sells Products to Warehouses, Office Supply Stores, Retail Storefronts, Office Buildings & more


Website Closers® presents a fully functional, moneymaking eCommerce operation that specializes in providing quality shelving for retail and eCommerce businesses. For more than 21 years, this business has established a reputation for excellent service and stellar shelving equipment that has customers coming back again and again for repeat business.  With simple marketing plans in place and two decades of experience under their belt, this business is ready for a new owner to invest their energy into for continued growth. More than 16,900+ convenience stores, liquor stores, automotive stores, and more have purchased products from this business to fulfill orders for premium shelving equipment.

The available SKUs this business has access to are virtually endless: A full line of Gondola shelving, all parts and equipment for sturdy pallet racks, everything needed for paper racks (used in office supply stores and or ones that stock school items), displays for chips or candy, and so much more. Basically, they have access to anything that any retailer or warehouse might need for storage and/or displaying goods.

This business provides shelving and counters for every possible storefront and warehouse situation. With excellent customer service and fast turnaround now being provided by an experienced team, this business is a magnet for success today and into the future. That reputation, their quality products, and ongoing trust in this company surely fuels their financial success. The growth rate is at 136% and shows no signs of slowing down. Plus, the business enjoys a healthy Average Order Value of $3,000, which contributes to their 25% margins.

With no up-front money needed from the new owner and a net income of 54,000 to put back into the business, the company is a worthy and inexpensive investment right now.

By adopting a dropshipping model, the business has retained low overhead. With connections to several suppliers who are ready to fulfill orders, the company facilitates quick turnarounds between orders and fulfillment with ease, as no manual labor, inventory management, minimal capital, and warehousing space is needed.

Only two people are working the business and usually finish all daily work by 2 p.m. The work simply includes quoting customers on store fixtures and shipping freight costs, as well as acquiring sales.  For any customer service needs, the business provides assembly assistance by phone.

After acquiring, the new owner will quickly see how simple and efficient the equipment is and how easy the transition will be. For transactions, the business uses a top-of-the-line cloud-based POS system that’s designed for fast checkout and takes all forms of payment. This useful system streamlines customer management and marketing by promoting sales and automating pertinent information about existing customers, so workers do not have to be as hands-on with the system. Should the new owner want to expand operations, the system’s provider has other incredibly useful products to fuel productivity.

The business comes fully equipped with a complete phone system that reliably performs well and does more than what the business requires for meeting its communication needs. On top of that, the business comes with a customer contact email system that effectively automates email campaigns and monitors customer contact to stimulate interactions, so the customer drop-off rate remains low. No need to shop around for effective equipment! You get exactly what you need for a seamless operation! There’s no need to negotiate shipping and freight rates because the business has already established excellent rates that do not break the budget of this business. Also, credit card transaction rates are very competitive as well.

PPC and email marketing have been driving forces of exposure for the business.  Microsoft Bing marketing is at the center of the PPC strategy, blasting the company to high-value traffic on Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and more sites. The cherry on top is the amount of digital real estate the company owns … more than 20 domains, making it easy for retailers to find the business.

Experts in the industry report that new retail stores will continue to open, which will require plenty of shelving suppliers. Along with the new stores opening their doors, existing retailers will constantly need upgrades and refreshed diagrams as they enhance and modernize their interior look. Shelving is not limited to physical stores either. This business already has a foothold in supplying large warehouses with reputable pallet racks for eCommerce businesses that utilize the DTC business model. More warehouses will need what this business offers, which promotes a potentially highly lucrative growth opportunity for the new owner. With retail stores and eCommerce warehouses repeatedly vying for proper shelving, this business will thrive off heighten retailer demand.

North America has controlled much of the market for shelving since 2020. As companies are looking into fully automated warehouses for optimal production, proper shelving will be of prime importance. The new owner will have access to state-of-the-art racks that are in high demand, which will help to drive sales and keep the business relevant compared to the competition. This business has everything the new owner needs to succeed. It has the operation equipment, the available supply to sell, the established history as a trusted and reliable business, and it has the growth opportunities for a new owner to take advantage of.

This eCommerce Business is Represented by:

Website Closers

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WC 2601

Asking Price
$ 229,000
Cash Flow
$ 78,316
Gross Income
$ 696,149
Year Established