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22 Year Online Booking Platform for Local Entertainers – Over 1,000 Local Entertainers in Place around the US – Strong Organic Traffic – 80%+ Net Margins

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Website Closers® presents a well-known brand in its category. For over 20 years, they have developed a thriving brand and customer base across the country, with particular appeal at parties, weddings, graduations, birthday celebrations and so much more.

This online business operates in the entertainment industry, but with a special niche: providing male and female dancers to any event where clients want the occasion to be as memorable as possible. They have a streamlined system of providing entertainers to every major city and state in the U.S. They have contracts with more than 1,000 performers across the nation who provide their services with a high level of quality, giving the company a fantastic reputation in the industry. They are the go-to company in America for first-rate party and special event entertainment.

One of their specialties has been bookings during wedding season when their entertainers are in high demand for bachelor and bachelorette parties. But they also do exceptionally well year-round for a wide range of other events, including office parties, Ladies Night Out, clubs, special events, retiree and divorcee parties, and so on.

They are popular enough to now cover 90% of the U.S. population, including rural areas where they have entertainers available when the need arises for unique entertainment.

Such dancers have become one of the key segments of the Onsite Entertainment Market, an industry that routinely earns $13 Billion in annual profits. These dancers have become mainstream as themed entertainment, with the highest demand for entertainers who are skilled dancers and performers, including those who perform in artistically choreographed group dance shows. These dancers are seen as entertainment that keeps the crowd highly engaged and calling for more.

This brand has risen quickly in the field by carefully selecting the talent they use, and by attracting performers in significantly high numbers to be able to keep their clients coming back for additional bookings.

Launched 22 years ago, the company has grown to offer its services in all 50 states, with both specialty-designed and single-dancer shows. Their dancers are available to perform at literally any occasion that clients desire entertainment.

With an Average Order Value of $166.78, the company enjoys solid bookings through the year, with peak sales during the summer months. The wedding industry has become a critical part of their success, with the demand for dancers at bachelor/bachelorette parties consistently strong from February through October.

Today, the company has developed a solid reputation for providing the best, most reliable entertainers in the field, with steady and impressive growth in referral sales each year.

Their clients are evenly divided between men and women, typically between the ages of 20 and 55. The company is benefiting enormously from word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers who encourage their family, friends and coworkers to consider booking them for their next big party or celebration.

Besides referral sales from satisfied customers, the company derives most of its primary customer base from organic search. The company has put a strong emphasis on their digital marketing & SEO program, which uses more than 3,000 major search keywords to boost their ranking in search engines.

Their SEO work also includes advanced strategies to produce high quality backlinks and articles on thousands of external websites with similar relevant content.

It’s working just as intended, since the company now averages 35,000 unique monthly visitors to their website and has an email database with 200,000 subscribers and a strong presence on social media.

These represent enormous scale opportunities for the company in the future, since enhanced social media and email marketing campaigns would be an enormously effective way to expand their business and brand name recognition. There are an endless number of parties around the country where these services are needed – it’s just a matter of aligning supply and demand.

If the idea of maintaining supervision of over 1,000 contractors sounds daunting, it’s not. This business is so highly automated that the current owner spends as little as an hour per week operating it, focusing on tasks that include coordinating marketing, conversion optimization, maintaining the site’s appearance, addressing feedback from customers, and ensuring they hire quality talent.

The current ownership has one full-time manager on staff who oversees daily operations, which includes among other things, handling all customer contacts. The company also employs a live sales agent. Beyond that, this business runs itself, leaving the owner to simply ensure that the site gets visibility in their top revenue cities.

This is a low-cost business model that fulfills literally thousands of parties every year with first rate entertainment, and thousands of customers books them annually. They have been the No. 1 Dancers For Hire agency for two decades and their referral sales are getting stronger each year as their reputation grows.

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Asking Price
$ 500,000
Cash Flow
$ 254,591
Gross Income
$ 288,042
Year Established

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