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22 Year Seasoned eCommerce Retailer – DTC & B2B Channels – 4 In-House Brands & Disney Licensing – Growing Amazon FBA Presence in the US, Canada, UK and EU


Website Closers® presents a strong opportunity that operates as four distinctly successful brands. This company markets popular products that families use every day using both their own in-house branding, as well as powerful licenses from Disney. First established in 1999, this business has grown considerably and now carries a huge product line of 120 in-house branded and Disney branded SKUs. These items are sold at wholesale, on their Shopify websites as well as on (FBA), where they have a high 4.5 Seller rating and a rising repeat customer base of 15%. Amazon now represents 60% of their sales, and this channel is growing rapidly.

This company has been particularly successful marketing to families that enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Equally impressive are the company’s wholesale distribution channels. This business enjoys powerful retail partnerships with the vast majority of the nation’s drug chains, mass merchandisers, supermarkets, health food stores, and other top wholesalers, giving them lucrative recurring B2B sales in addition to their fast-growing eCommerce presence.

This company has more than two decades of success under their belt and realize a 30%+ Net Margin. This has all been accomplished by a company that specializes in general merchandise products in niche fields such as pest control, outdoor gear, health and beauty items, and hand sanitizers. The firm focuses on items that people need and use every day that are constantly in demand. Their products are sourced from Asia.

This business has become a very lucrative one, in part because they have two distinct but crucial markets that they operate in. One is eCommerce, with B2C sales done on multiple sales channels while the other is the retail market.

Leveraging a vibrant mix between B2C and B2B sales, divided between online purchases and wholesale contracts, this company has become a leader in each of the high-demand categories they participate in.

The company has built its reputation on finding products that they know customers want and are looking for, but also SKUs that are fun, entertaining, and appealing to all ages. One brand is devoted to camping accessories that includes products that add colors to outdoor and indoor wood burning campfires.

A second brand is hand sanitizers that have a citrus scent and come with a silicone holder that can be secured to a backpack, gym bag, stroller, etc.

A third brand provides a hair building formula for men, and the fourth brand is a mosquito repelling bracelet which is ideal for kids, adults, and even pets.

The business’ impactful Disney licensing contracts come in handy for several of these products, bringing in a layer of fun, recognizability, and family-friendliness. The company has grown its product line well over the years with an average order value of $25.

Having four separate brands to market has been very profitable for this business. The campfire accessories now makes up 65% of their sales, with the bug repelling bands comprising 20% and 13% for the hand sanitizers. All four brands experience steady sales year-round, while revenues for the bug repellant products peak during the summer. Product diversity has become one of the brand’s overall greatest strengths.

Attracting a key and ever-growing demographic, families with children who love the outdoors. This is an enormous market worldwide, especially since the outdoor gear market is valued at $12.7 billion, with projections that it will reach a staggering $19.6 billion by 2026.

The company has developed a smooth and efficient process for managing orders using a team that handles everything from A to Z. The company typically stocks up to 60 days’ worth of inventory. For orders through Amazon, the company relies on Fulfillment By Amazon for rapid and reliable shipping.

In addition to selling on Amazon, the company lists on the Walmart and Home Depot websites, although Amazon makes up the largest bulk of sales. The rest are divided between their Shopify sites and other platforms.

The current owner now devotes very little time per week running this business, assisted by a staff who manage day to day operations. With so much of this business being fully automated online and with the team in place, the owner now focuses on business growth and development, attaining new customers, exploring new marketing opportunities, and streamlining the operational systems.

Leveraging paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, their Shopify stores now average 100,000 unique visitors every month. This has enabled the company to build up a massive 35,000+ subscribers list in its email database, which they effectively utilize for regular email marketing campaigns that offer both promotions and upsells. Digital marketing represents one of this company’s best options for increasing profitability. The brands could each add a blog to their websites, which would improve both their search engine rankings and organic traffic to each site. Additionally, their email database could be used efficiently for more continued direct advertising and for retargeting.

Launching social media marketing campaigns for each of the four brands, using popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to build brand awareness could also deliver incredible audience reach and loyalty. Those social media channels would be the ideal place for launching an affiliate marketing campaign to help attract more customers. The use of PPC ads on Google could boost additional traffic to their Shopify sites and generate more sales on each one.

Beyond their marketing efforts, the company could scale quickly by expanding onto Amazon’s foreign platforms in Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, and by developing new wholesale contracts for their products. Either way, having demonstrated so efficiently that they are marketing popular and highly rated products, this company has some excellent options moving forward for tripling revenues.

A lot of   companies work hard to be successful promoting one type of product, but this company is thriving by marketing 4 separate brands. Their success at attracting both wholesale clients and individual customers is testament to their smart business practices. Now enjoying high recurring revenues from a committed and expanding customer base, this brand could easily scale when a new owner decides it’s time to take it to the next level of success.

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