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3 Year Established Online Provider of Professional Stamps - 20% Recurring Customer Rate


This innovative eCommerce company crafts and sells state licensing seals and stamps for land surveyors, architects, and engineers. This promising company has a whopping 20% recurring customer rate and provides professional stamps and insignias that are tailored to the legal regulations and requirements of each and every state across America. As an experienced designer of these seals, this business offers a myriad of styles and options for occupation specific, legally compliant professional insignias as well as many home address stamps and custom seals. Carrying each of their designs in self inking, rubber stamp, and wooden stamp models, this highly effective seller is incredibly versatile and easily scaled. With opportunities for growth across its existing audiences, in the expansion of services into Notary stamps, and extended selling platforms, this fantastic company is sure to bring incredible success to any capable buyer.

Experiencing steady year over year growth and reliable recurring customers, this company is well established and well known in its field. This impressive business can be swiftly and effectively grown through the development of relationships with engineering, architect, and land surveying organizations and unions, the addition of notary stamps and seals. And expansion onto both the Amazon and Etsy platforms. With a focused offering within this niche and highly profitable field, this brand leverages state compliant templates that have been specifically created for each targeted occupation with their specific state. The current ownership then completes the manufacturing process, product assembly, and shipment of each order themselves.

Offering a tiered service system with varying fees, each individual seal ranges from digital files all the way to custom self-inking stamps. If a customer purchases a custom wooden stamp or a customized self-inking piece, they each currently come with the digital files for free. A swift and simple way to boost the income of this company would be to charge for each deliverable separately

Devoting approximately 10 hours each week to maintaining and growing this business, the current ownership manages every aspect of this company themselves. Utilizing the current model, this company sees an average of $5,000 in sales each month with almost no overhead cost due to their strategic use of in-home storage in conjunction with a 100% inventory model and no outside employees.

Carrying limitless potential to scale, this business is sure to skyrocket with expanded selling platforms such as and Etsy. Additionally, there are numerous professions that require personal insignias that this brand does not yet provide for such as foresters, notaries, and geologists. On the outreach front, this company currently engages in little to no digital marketing, LinkedIn and other industry specific websites are spanning opportunities for brand growth. Finally, this company could create additional SKU lines by designing and providing custom stationery, email templates, and digital signatures.

With unrivaled earning potential and an incredible standing within the niche market of professional, compliant personal stamps. A new owner would be able to effectively scale this business and their own leveraging the solid foundation of this brand’s following, reputation, and effective model. Carrying 3 years of consistent growth, along with limitless paths to expanded success, this acquisition is an amazingly promising investment for any interested buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2131

Asking Price
$ 110,000
Cash Flow
$ 29,739
Gross Income
$ 62,624
Year Established