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30 Year B2B eCommerce Brand | Personalized Branding Solutions | 45% Repeat Order Rate | $30,000+ Orders | Sophisticated Team

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Website Closers® presents 30-year B2B eCommerce Business that sells personalized promotional items for internal and external branding, with their “merch” or “swag” being used for incentive programs, trade shows/events, promotional giveaways, and employee uniforms, among a variety of other purposes.

Their strong and long-standing presence in such a dynamic, ever-evolving, and ever in-demand industry has gone hand-in-hand with the enduring relationships they have established with top manufacturers over the years. They have used their decades of industry experience to meticulously curate a network of top-tier vendors that span across various locations, both domestic and international.

These suppliers have given the company access to a variety of promotional product categories, such as personalized apparel, awards, bags/totes, desk/office products, client gifts, and their best-selling product, logo mats.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Diverse, Dedicated Demographics. The company has an extensive customer base that spans businesses of all shapes and sizes. These include small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), corporate clients, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. The company has accumulated several long term and repeat clients across their demographics, with many of them being orders over $30,000. Their Repeat Order Value stands at a remarkable 45% as a result.
  2. Company is Steadily Growing. While a veteran of their market, this company has refused to sit back and stagnate as they’ve grown older. They enjoyed incredible growth in 2023 and are expecting to see 10% growth in 2024 as the year goes on. They have also upgraded and redesigned their website, improving their customer experience going forward.Additionally, they are launching a new brand prior to ownership transfer, which will offer custom awards, medals, trophies, and other related products. The domain has already been registered and will allow the new owner to target any organizations that offer awards such as 5k races, dance studios, martial arts studios, sports programs, and so on.
  3. Various Marketing Strategies. The company employs digital marketing such as Google Ads, an email marketing strategy that utilizes the 52,000 contacts in their CRM, social media, and blog posts managed by their third-party marketing team. They have been working with this marketing team to improve their SEO in the past several months, bringing them up from 854 (130 in the top 10) to ~1300 keywords ranking (350 in the top 10).


The company has an excellent operational team, which act in the following roles:

  • Director of Operations: Works remotely and handles daily business operations. He also handles inventory processing to ensure timelines are tracked correctly and delivery dates are met.
  • Sales Representative: Contractor based sales, with most leads flowing to him to close. He also handles most calls, live chats, and form submissions (about 5-10 per day)
  • FT Sales Representative: Also used to close leads and up-sell customers.

This team has significantly cut down on the workload that the owner must manage, with the current owner requiring roughly 10 to 15 hours per week to handle administrative tasks, books, payroll, and paying vendors. As the future owner would see a very minimal monthly workload, they would have more time to focus on new products and business expansion.

Scale Opportunities

An ambitious buyer can continue growing this seasoned business by expanding upon the tactics that they have already started putting into place and implementing a few new ones. They could launch in other niches in the hotel, schools/universities, or sports market for a larger consumer base, then increase their marketing to better target these new potential clients.

A buyer could improve their marketing by bringing on additional sales reps to target larger businesses in need of promo products or mats and increase the marketing budget for their custom mats. As very little SEO/ads have currently been run for the company, investing in these efforts could possibly generate a large amount of revenue.


This established enterprise offers an exciting opportunity to break into a massive industry that caters to large and small businesses alike. They have a valuable supplier network in place, strong business-buyer relationships with their clients, and have been continuing to grow even after three decades of operation. In the hands of the right buyer, they can continue cultivating their consumer base and reach entirely new heights.

If you’d like to learn more about this deal, then please contact Website Closers for more information today.

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WC 3379

Asking Price
$ 2,430,000
Cash Flow
$ 714,623
Gross Income
$ 1,502,491
Year Established

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