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40 Year Established Digital Marketing Firm for the Jewelry Sector – 85% Customer Retention Rate – Customers Average 7+ Years with the Firm

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Website Closers® presents a flashy B2B Marketing Firm with decades of experience providing Marketing & Advertising Services for the Jewelry Sector. After years of building up a healthy B2B clientele for their expertise in Digital Marketing and Website Development, this brand switched gears and narrowed their focus and now caters exclusively to the highly profitable jewelry industry. Today, they get multiple inquiries each week from prospective clients and enjoy a strong customer retention rate of 85%. The company has demonstrated impressive 51% gross margins and 21% net profit margins over the past two years, along with a 25% CAGR.

Flush with cash and in consistent need of top-quality marketing content, the Jewelry Industry has proven to be an immensely lucrative target for this company’s offerings. Being a marketing agency that specializes so tightly in one field has given this brand a loyal but surprisingly diverse customer base, which includes Retailers, Manufacturers, Designers, and Importers. They start by signing a one-year, automatically renewing contract, and most stay with the company for seven years or longer. The jewelry industry is poised for a glittering future, with global sales reaching $323 billion in 2020, leading to new businesses in the field— And no shortage of new clients cropping up for this brand to take on. The consistently shifting nature of consumer demands coupled with the dicey court of public opinion makes the tailored marketing services offered absolutely indispensable to jewelers today.

This agency was founded in 1981 as a more traditional advertising agency, and continued to grow until 1994, when the business took on its first retail jewelry client. Under their care, that retailer’s business thrived and led to more and more jewelry retailers coming on board as clients. This agency quickly became nationally recognized experts in their field and now enjoy continuous growth thanks to the rising popularity of digital marketing and eCommerce, especially as it relates to the Jewelry Sector. Increasingly visual advertising tactics including video marketing, social posts, and influencer campaigns require expert attention, and this brand delivers that time and time again.

Shimmering like diamonds in the rough amongst their limited and lackluster competition, this firm has a glowing reputation within the jewelry industry. Thanks to their comprehensive understanding of how the jewelry space operates, they became far more than just an agency to their clients by providing them with strategic direction in a highly competitive field. The brand is one of few like it within the advertising field and they now have a huge number of personal contacts driving word of mouth advertising for them.

The bulk of their clients stay on average for close to a decade; the demand is so high that the company now works only with those retailers bringing in a minimum of $2.5 Million in annual sales. In fact, that’s on the low end of their client base, with several of their current retailers exceeding $10 million in sales – striking numbers that any marketing agency would be envious to have. Retainer fees and related services are their top revenue generators, followed by fees on their digital commissions and website development work.

This is a busy agency, with a workload of around 40-50 hours per week for the owner-operators on board. In addition to the two owners, the company has an experienced and highly skilled team in place, including an office manager, digital vice president, senior account coordinator, graphic designer, and social marketing coordinator. Both owners are prepared to remain onboard post-acquisition to ensure a smooth transition and to help provide a complete understanding of the jewelry branding field to the buyer. The owners are available to remain on for 1-2 years as part of the transition, lending the expertise needed to take up the mantle of running this stunning firm.

Thanks to their impeccable reputation, they rarely seek out new business in traditional methods such as cold calling but do employ digital marketing to draw in larger clientele. One of the most successful campaigns has been their digital newsletter, which taps into their email database of 3,000+ retailers, designers, and manufacturers, and has become their prime source for attracting new clients. PPC ads run on Google help boost their ranking in search engines, and they regularly attend trade shows in the jewelry space as well as serving as speakers at these industry-tailored events. The team also writes articles for jewelry trade publications.

New clients typically find them, and they get 1-2 inquiries per week. In their current structure, many of these prospective clients can’t afford to work with this agency.  However, that represents a significant scale option for this agency. The clearest growth strategy would be to seek larger retailer jewelers, which the company is now doing. Similarly, the company currently does not have the resources to handle retailers in other countries, but as the agency grows, this could become a major source of new revenue for them.

A move to expand their presence on the designer and manufacturing side of the jewelry space would also enable the company to grow rapidly.

For their own marketing efforts, the company could make a stronger push on social media and have a digital advertising presence with top jewelry industry publications.

The phenomenal growth in the jewelry industry means a lot of new retailers, both brick and mortar and eCommerce, will be operating in this space in the future.

A marketing agency that has a unique specialty in this field is remarkably well positioned to continue growing and drawing in larger and more profitable clientele. For a buyer, this brand could become a real jewel in their business portfolio.

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Asking Price
$ 1,575,000
Cash Flow
$ 425,278
Gross Income
$ 2,037,993
Year Established

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