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30 Year Established, Full Service Marketing Firm – Over 110 Clients – 75% of Revenue Generates from 10+ Year Client Relationships – Agency has won over 500 Creative Awards

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Website Closers presents a full-service marketing agency that has built up a strong client base that eagerly retains them for a decade or more. This company benefits today from 30 years of experience in this lucrative field, along with a reputation that’s second to none. Having won more than 500 creative awards, this company has a proven track record of success and a clear ability to grow impressively under the right buyer.

First launched in 1990, this digitally focused agency provides a host of marketing service to its clients and have focused from the beginning on big picture strategies. Having worked with more than 110 clients across the country, today 75% of their revenue comes from partners who have been with the firm for 10+ years. That’s a strong testament to how well this company has earned the loyalty of their clients.

One of the brand’s greatest strengths has been their experienced team of 19 full-time and two part-time employees who handle all of the enterprise’s tasks, including administrative work, account management, digital strategy and creative development. Those skilled workers, experts in their field, provide services that include brand management; designs that include logo creations, content development and videography; media and consumer research; and digital and social media marketing.

The importance of having that team in place can’t be understated. The company that was named the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year did so because of the hard work and professionalism their team provides, and that also means a buyer gets a very turnkey business with that operations team firmly in place. That’s vital because the brand maintains multiple long-term national accounts.

There are multiple opportunities for this company to quickly expand its profit margins. That could include attracting new clients through video content marketing, upselling new services to their existing portfolio clients, targeting higher budget clients, and expanding into new markets.

Today the company has a growing internet presence and a rising client list, along with the awards and client praise as the leverage a buyer needs to increase profits sharply. Since every business benefits from having a professionally designed digital marketing strategy to attract buyers, this company has enormous opportunities to expand nationwide and build on its terrific reputation.

This Marketing Firm is Represented by:
Tech & Internet M&A
WC 2672

Asking Price
$ 3,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 832,155
Gross Income
$ 7,869,257
Year Established

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