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42 Year Old, Full Service Digital Marketing Agency – Jewelry Industry Focus – 95% Retainer Base & Strong Recurring Revenue – 33% YOY Profit Growth

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Website Closers® presents a well-established, WBENC Certified, Marketing Firm specializing in providing a Full-Service approach to paid search, SEO and Digital Marketing for the Jewelry Industry. The firm has a loyal customer base in a niche that tends to be evergreen, recession proof and a yearround need. Clients include independent jewelry retailers, manufacturers, designers, importers, and trade organizations within the industry.

The company has decades of experience building a reputation within this lucrative niche for highquality work performed by a team of industry experts. They have strong Recurring Revenue and a 95% Retainer Base. Unlike the typical agency, because of their vast expertise and laser-guided approach to all things Jewelry, prospects within the industry seek them out.

It is not uncommon for the firm to receive several inquiries per month. Revenue is driven by monthly retainers for digital and traditional services, along with additional fees for web development, SEO, and video content, in addition to commissions for all digital and traditional media. The owners enjoy excellent margins, high customer retention rates, and consistent year-over-year growth.

The company was initially founded to operate as more of a traditional advertising agency, but it transformed itself by adding digital offerings (now over 70% of their total business) and by focusing on a specific luxury vertical.

The global gems and jewelry market is forecast to grow by $137 billion between 2022 and 2027, accelerating at a healthy compound annual growth rate. The demand for jewelry is enormous and has proven to be recession-proof. There are always customers entering the bridal funnel with a need for engagement rings, along with occasion gift-giving and self-indulgence.

This business has developed a strong standing and enjoys significant organic traffic as a result. The consistent results and subsequent success have provided management with the benefit of only accepting customers with substantial sales volumes. Furthermore, the exceptional service has resulted in excellent margins and customer longevity, demonstrating how devoted clients are to the company.

Retailers, designers, and trade organizations are just a few of the company’s diverse clients. They provide services based on agreements that are retainer-based. Subsequently, those clients witness excellent results and typically stick with this business for many years. The company’s services are crucial in a sector where developments and expectations are continuously shifting. They have launched many brands beyond their expectations.

This business is more than an agency to most of its clients. They come to the agency for its team’s complete understanding of the jewelry industry, strategic direction, and in some cases, consultation for other aspects of their business when needed.

The two owners have worked harmoniously to develop this long-standing operation to a high level. One oversees financials, including payables, receivables, payroll, and other procedures that require monetary oversight.

The other manages new business development, handles her own book of clients, and works on creative and strategic direction. Additionally, she works on copywriting and producing when necessary. It is important to note that it’s a “team” approach. Her clients also work with their head of digital marketing and have been exposed to the other senior-level Account Supervisor at the agency.

Additional employees work in the following capacities:

  • Account Coordinators
  • Social Marketing Coordinator
  • Media Buying
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Paid Search (PPC)

The business is currently running remotely.

Lead generation is primarily driven by word-of-mouth referrals, Paid Searches, writing industry articles, and a weekly email newsletter that reaches an extensive base of retailers, designers, and manufacturers. Furthermore, the company attends two of the best trade shows. One is the largest jewelry show in the world, while the other is a smaller boutique invitation-only show geared to prominent retailers. They are also sought-after speakers at several jewelry shows and produce a podcast for one of the largest industry online trade magazines.

The typical retail customer has a minimum of $2.5 million in sales. Some existing clients exceed $10 million in sales. The agency tracks all sales numbers and budgets. Subsequently, management is acutely aware of those numbers. Clients’ agency budgets are commonly 6% of gross sales.

The company has a long-standing history within the jewelry industry and a solid reputation. All a prospective owner needs to do is search for its name and those of the owners and senior staff members to see their authority. As a result of this, the connections and relationships with key players are invaluable. The agency does not have the bandwidth to handle the many inquiries they receive, presenting an enormous opportunity for another agency with current staff in place and manpower.

The team is proficient both in the inner working of the jewelry industry and across various mediums needed for clients to succeed with traditional and digital marketing.

95% of clients are retainer-based, producing consistent revenue and cash flow. With little competition specializing in the industry, and many personal contacts and relationships built over time, this agency is poised for tremendous growth.

Under astute new ownership, sales can easily double in short order. A growth strategy to seek more prominent retail jewelers, which the business is currently doing, and moving further into the designer and manufacturing side of the company could prove immensely lucrative.

This Digital Marketing Firm is Represented by:

Technology M&A

WC 2944

Asking Price
$ 1,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 507,193
Gross Income
$ 2,321,072
Year Established

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