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5 Year eCommerce Brand in the Health & Beauty Sectors – Nutritional Supplements, Natural Soaps, Cookbooks, Consulting Services & 45-60 Day Programs

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Website Closers presents an eCommerce Brand with 5 years of experience providing a unique array of Nutritional Supplements, Natural Soaps, Cookbooks, Consultations and 45-60 Day Programs. Operating within the lucrative Health and Wellness Vertical, this business offers both products and online health programs that focus on nutrition and the benefits that come from using their products. Nutritional supplements are enormously popular today as more people become conscious of their health and fitness and are looking for affordable products they can use daily. The global nutritional supplements market was valued at $358 billion in 2021, with projections that it’s going to continue growing by 6% through 2030.

Supplements Companies are always looking for a way to stand out – to separate themselves from all the other supplements brands out there. This brand does just that. With over 14,000 Instagram followers and over 51,000 TikTok followers, this is no ordinary <vitamin company= … they have gone the extra mile to create an actual brand and they back that brand up with various programs, consulting and social outreach efforts to create more awareness and consumer stickiness.

Due to the work this company has put in from the beginning, they now operate with a 69% Repeat Customer Rate, a clear indication that customers are feeling the effects of their products. This is one of highest repeat customer rates we have seen in the supplements space to date.

Launched 5 years ago, the company sells a wide assortment of natural products and digital educational programs to help people optimize their health. From the start, the company chose to offer their customers something they couldn’t find anywhere else, and it has paid off in spades. The ingredients for their products are sourced directly from a Grower, and manufactured directly for them. All products are sold under their brand name.

The company has grown and now offers 45 SKUs with an Average Order Value of $77, and a snapshot of their sales profile indicates that no single product in a concentration risk. Their SKUs are diverse, including black seed oil, Haritaki capsules to amplify the mind, Banafsha Extract mucus buster and their downloadable vegan cookbook, which are all among their top selling items. It’s clear that their customers trust this business and their products and they have given the brand very positive feedback on the quality of their SKUs.

Customers have come to appreciate the health benefits of their products and quickly became steady buyers, which is why their repeat customer rate is so high. The company is shipping up to 20 products daily, and sales remain consistent throughout the year, with a spike around the New Year when people make resolutions to get healthier.

Sales are conducted mainly on their Shopify website and on Etsy, with huge growth potential if the brand expands its sales channels to include popular eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Walmart.

Education and information have been a crucial aspect of the company’s outreach to their customers, a smart approach to building such a faithful audience. In addition to their all-natural supplements and beauty products, the company has enjoyed growing success providing digital health programs promoting healthy nutrition. That includes healthy eating cookbooks that can be downloaded by customers.

They’ve gone a step further by making some of the content free through a blog on their website. The company produces one blog weekly, which boosts their organic traffic since the content is fully optimized for SEO and the keywords that people are searching for online. In fact, all product descriptions and images are also optimized for SEO, giving their company 35,000 unique monthly visitors and 339,400+ page views.

Their sophisticated marketing plan includes tapping into their email database of 5,000+ subscribers for two email newsletters that are sent out weekly, often containing sales, promotions, or new product offerings.

Social media is an important part of their marketing tools as well, with a strong presence on several sites. In addition to content postings, the company utilizes the sites for videos with health messaging and some advertising of new products. Digital marketing offers the company impressive scale opportunities. Since the brand is continuing to develop new products and adding to their existing line of SKUs, a key scale option would be to launch an influencer marketing campaign to further promote their products and branding.

The company stocks 100% of their products through a third party fulfillment company (3PL), regularly maintaining a few thousand units at a value of more than $50,000. New orders are placed every few months and they have well-established relationships with all the product suppliers, with certifications provided for each product by the manufacturer.

The current owner employs a web developer/email campaign manager who handles all site updates and maintenance while also sending out marketing materials through emails and promotions on social media.

The owner is available to stay on post-acquisition as a brand ambassador or in an advisory position until the buyer had a firm grip on daily operations.

The company operates in a niche field that is only getting stronger, as more people around the world look for ways to improve their health and ensure they’re getting all the daily nutrients they need to stay fit. Their rising profits demonstrate how effectively this company has connected with its target audience.

At this point, the company has strengths that give the brand enormous potential to scale quickly in the years ahead.

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Asking Price
$ 875,000
Cash Flow
$ 233,559
Gross Income
$ 414,528
Year Established

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