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50 Year Brand in the Personal Wellness Niche – eCommerce – 20% Net Margins – $113 AOV – Owner Open to Seller Finance a Large Percentage for the Right Buyer

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Website Closers® presents a Health & Wellness eCommerce Brand that uses their high-traffic website to sell a line of exemplary and widely acclaimed products in the Personal Massager Vertical. Their flagship product has been the go-to for many consumers looking for a quality massager for over 50 years thanks to their reliability and effectiveness. This long-standing reputation means that their SKUs are highly trusted and relied upon around the world for soothing muscles and providing stress relief.

Their website features an extensive range of products to suit their customers’ needs and preferences and are all crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and great product branding. The devices themselves were designed with user-friendliness in mind and make it possible to easily target specific areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders, or back. Additionally, they have different settings and speeds to let customers personalize their massage to their preferences and are designed to be portable and/or rechargeable. Whether a user is on the go or spending time at home, the company’s massagers can be trusted for solid results.

Inventory Structure

The brand sources all their products from a US-based distributor, which keeps their inventory replenishment rate at a modest 4 to 5 days. This reduces their working capital requirements by keeping the necessary inventory levels at a minimum, and, as such, the buyer will need only between $20,000 and $40,000 in working capital to keep the business operating at their current revenue levels. Their efficient inventory management system also means that they can avoid some of the supply chain issues and rising international shipping costs that have plagued other companies.

They use a 100% stock inventory model and maintain about $15,000 of merchandise at any given time. They typically place their orders either every other week or when inventory is getting too low according to sales projections. They then pre-pay using a credit card, with inventory getting shipped the next business day through UPS Ground. However, the buyer doesn’t have to keep to this pattern if they’d prefer not to and can instead order at whatever frequency suits them best.

The company requires roughly 20 square feet to house their current inventory, and they make an average of 25 to 50 shipments every day.

Operations are Simple

Their digital marketing strategy consists nearly exclusively of Google Ads, though Facebook ads were also explored during Q4. The straightforward structure of their current campaign means that they have the opportunity to achieve additional scale through an aggressive social media advertising plan, influencer partnership development, and the addition of new SKUs to their product roster. These can all be outsourced to an agency if the buyer lacks the interest or know-how in pursuing these themselves, which would reduce effort and potentially grant high returns.

Their average customers vary heavily in demographics, though men do account for a slightly higher percentage of sales. While their sales are consistent throughout the year, the company’s profits do peak during the holiday season of Q4.

The brand’s operations are so straightforward that the owner typically works about five hours every week, which are often spent packing and shipping orders. A contractor occasionally works between one and three hours daily depending on order volume, and by refining label creation and packing processes, the buyer could whittle this time down to less than an hour.

In Summary

A buyer requires little to no special skills or knowledge to pick up this unique business and run it in their spare time thanks to their strong recognizability, incredible products, and low-maintenance structure. Their brand name recognition and exact match domain are so beneficial for the business that they’re an excellent foundation for an ambitious buyer and could lead to remarkable scale opportunities in the right hands. They could easily implement complimentary products like massage oils, aroma therapy products, and other wellness items for quick growth and profits.

The Personal Massager market has grown significantly within the last few years, which can be attributed to increasing awareness and curiosity in self-care and wellness among consumers, with women especially taking a stronger interest in the market. Many customers struggle with stress, anxiety, and other ailments, and as the products in this market are aimed at providing relaxation and refreshment, they’re a great option to alleviate some of these common issues.

Another factor behind the market’s climb has been the increasing availability of innovative high-tech products. As technology advances, manufacturers are able to implement new and improved features into their products, such as multiple massage modes, adjustable intensity levels, and remote controls, which all work to significantly improve and personalize customers’ massage experiences.

This Company is Represented by:

Website Closers

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WC 3134

Asking Price
$ 950,000
Cash Flow
$ 259,937
Gross Income
$ 1,369,976
Year Established

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