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6 Year Subscription Service for Flight Discount Alerts & Travel Planning Services – 5000 Active Paying Subscribers – Excellent Reviews & Online Reputation

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Website Closers® presents a 6 Year Company that provides Flight Discount Email Alerts & Traveling Planning Services to consumers. The company operates on a Subscription Basis and has become well-known in the US Travel community through its niche service offerings. It specializes in providing customers with announcements on significantly discounted flights that many consumers need given the rise of travel costs post-COVID.

The service is offered in the US and Canada and has recently expanded into the UK.

Industry Notes

The flight industry is undergoing a positive transformative phase as it emerges from the turbulence of the global pandemic. Despite those formidable challenges, this company demonstrated a robust recovery in 2022. TTM earnings showcase record numbers and a net profit of $623,289 through August 2023.

There is once again a palpable sense of optimism surrounding the return to travel. However, this resurgence looks notably different from pre-pandemic times, with digitalization at the forefront and customers seeking bargains during economic uncertainty.

Discounted flights have become a pivotal determinant in travel decision-making. With economic uncertainties lingering, travelers are keenly focused on value for money. Airlines regularly have specials or make errors, and the allure of discounted fares often tips the scales, making travel more accessible for budget-conscious individuals and families. This business presents this information to its vast customer base, helping them find those deals.


Its commitment to customer service sets the company apart, offering premium one-on-one travel assistance on discounted flights to its paid subscribers. Moreover, the team provides a plethora of benefits, including exclusive email deals tailored to subscribers’ departure locations, comprehensive flight planning and support, and assistance with various other travel-related needs.

The customer service representatives, comprising numerous virtual assistants, deliver this support service exclusively via email. This approach starkly contrasts with competitors, mainly providing weekly deals and content without support. Thanks to this proficient team, the owners dedicate fewer than 10 hours weekly to the operation.

The business offers both free and paid subscription options for its cheap flight newsletter service. A substantial portion of revenue is derived from paid subscriptions, and intermittent lifetime promotions have also contributed significantly. Notably, sponsored ads within the free newsletter have recently opened up a promising revenue stream, given the substantial readership.

Sales & Marketing

Leads are predominantly generated through giveaway partnership marketing, where individuals participating in the giveaways are automatically integrated into the company’s newsletter automation series. Regarding traffic sources, email accounts for 70%, supplemented by paid social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, contributing 20%, while organic and Google Ads make up the remaining 10%.

The business experiences no seasonal sales fluctuations, mainly due to its subscription model. Working capital requirements are incredibly low and may involve some advertising if a buyer wishes to pursue the avenue.

The owners focus primarily on managing existing promotions, finding new giveaways to join, communicating with the team to ensure smooth operations, and looking for new business development opportunities.

Several virtual assistants work as contractors and handle daily operations. Tasks include finding discounted flight deals, scheduling newsletters, and responding to customer support emails.

The existing owners are looking for a strategic buyer with vast experience in digital marketing, growing online businesses, and, ideally, an established travel or lifestyle network to help scale the company to the next level.

The flight industry is navigating a delicate balance between recovery and adaptation in this evolving landscape. Embracing technology and prioritizing affordability is vital to building and maintaining a loyal audience. As travelers continue to seek cost-effective options while embracing digital channels, this business is poised for continued expansion and profitability.

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WC 3175

Asking Price
$ 3,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 623,289
Gross Income
$ 856,729
Year Established

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