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7 Year Established Performance Marketing Company – Global Affiliate Network with Internal Built Systems – High Renewal Rates


This company is a seven-year-old, well-established eCommerce performance marketing network with strong connections across the affiliate marketing industry. Every dollar of revenue that flows through this company represents a newly acquired eCommerce customer for their client. This company excels at a level unrivaled by any competition. This skilled team of digitally focused media buyers has over 2,400 global affiliates selling for over 30 eCommerce CPG brands. This opportunity connects these parties to drive incredible results. As a leading media and online traffic provider, this cost per acquisition network is perfectly positioned for growth into the middle market.

There are immense opportunities throughout this space for expansion through new affiliate partnerships, additional client advertiser relationships, internal technology development and business development. This proven investment carries an amazing global team with specializations across platforms and verticals. Each of these exciting skillsets have created an environment primed for growth. This well-established business is their own largest client, with in house eCommerce brands being researched, developed and launched every month. The founders have been involved in digital marketing for over a decade and are excited to partner with new ownership who will take the helm and move this impactful network into new territory while they continue to drive the majority of revenue from their own brands. The owners want to stay actively involved with a minority equity stake long term to help the acquirer grow this already tremendous asset.

This impactful global network is a dynamic business that has a reputation for staying ahead of the game. With strong relationships across the industry, this performance marketing network takes startup eCommerce brands and brings them big brand revenue. This business is ready and able to board more brands in more verticals. Currently, this opportunity carries over 30 advertiser brands. Each advertiser product has gone through a strict vetting process to ensure quality, however, adding different niche advertisers such as supplement and nutraceutical brands is another opportunity for rapid scale, in the right hands. So many brands have been built on the Amazon platform, and this Affiliate opportunity gives brand owners the opportunity to also build off Amazon.

On a day-to-day basis, this company attracts extraordinary brands and offers, and then proceeds to introduce those advertisers to top tier talent affiliates creating a marketing ecosystem that drives sales worth millions of dollars. These connections then become a reliable flow of commissions and that drives an immense number of customers to leading brands and partners.

The current owners spend a minimal amount of time directing the company each week. They are responsible for overseeing compliance efforts, hiring senior staff, developing overall business strategy, effective practices with affiliates and advertisers, testing new technology and running monthly financial reviews. It is recommended that an incoming buyer be familiar with digital and direct response marketing as well as the eCommerce industry in general. An effective new owner should also be skilled in team management and have a background in technology development or inside sales. Since the owners are looking to stay involved with this business after closing, they would like the group that buys the company to have synergies and partnership capabilities, that when combined, can further expand the opportunities present with this company.

This ever-growing opportunity has a retention rate of over 75% and this KPI increases when looking at the large client accounts alone. With an extremely talented and results-driven team in place around the world, this company and its brands are highly visible and known for reliably delivering impressive returns. This business model creates and maintains exceedingly profitable interpersonal relationships between brands and their respective account managers. This has translated into an industry-wide reputation of integrity, quality and effective partnership that continues consistently bring in new client leads. It would be very difficult to replicate what has been created – both from a perspective of Affiliate base, as well as quality results and earnings.

This company has flourished tremendously through its impactful management model, globally connected affiliate network, and powerful technologies platform. Many of their client leads come directly from online traffic, referrals, and their spanning digital presence. With strong profiles across social media, appearances at trade shows, and overall strategic placement, this offering is on a path of growth and success that a skilled buyer, like yourself, can easily take hold of and rapidly scale. Opportunities for expansion in this industry are nearly limitless with room for more affiliate members, advertising partners, and service offerings. Additionally, there are many opportunities to increase client volume through additional marketing and PR initiatives. As a direct marketing network, this company is skilled in creating highly effective marketing strategies that directly acquire customers for their brands.

This promising business is an industry leading performance marketing firm with teams that thrive all over the world. From their thousands of affiliates to their incredibly skilled internal team, every facet of this company stands for quality, integrity, and profitable results.

There are infinite possibilities in sight when looking to acquire this business. Whether adding this company to a communications network or looking to make this a base of operations, this opportunity is sure to be an incredible asset for present and future business success.

This Affiliate Network Represented by:

Technology, Digital & Internet Business Broker

Listing ID:  WC2084

Asking Price
$ 105,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 17,018,660
Gross Income
$ 173,047,156
Year Established