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7 Year, Remotely-Managed, Full Service IT Support, SEM, & Website Development Firm – 80% Repeat Order Rate – Highly Automated Systems in Place – Residential & Commercial Work

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Website Closers® presents an IT Service, SEO, and Website Development Technology Company that has a fast-growing national presence and a loyal customer base that trusts this agency for reliable, high-quality computer service. In the 7 years this company has been operating, they have achieved an 80% Repeat Customer Rate, demonstrating this agency’s strengths and its enormous scale potential in front of a highly loyal customer base.

The company is poised to make a push to develop a larger client base nationwide, and since their services are provided through a highly automated, remote system, a buyer can operate it using the skills of their experienced computer experts and enjoy solid recurring revenues without the need to devote much time or manpower to keeping it running. This business could run on as little as five hours of owner input each week from anywhere in the world.

This company provides IT services for both households and businesses, and additional services that include web design, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, and hosting services for websites and email systems as a Microsoft partner. Projects can be as small as fixing a virus on a computer to streamlining their client’s digital marketing efforts. This company prides itself on high-quality preventative maintenance for its business and household clients providing minimal downtime. Most of this preventative maintenance is provided through automated services, meaning excellent user experience with minimal man-hours.

The agency operates in a rapid growth industry. Virtually everyone today relies on their computer, laptop or smartphone for access to work, shopping, entertainment, home security and instant communication. The need for expert IT support is growing faster than ever, especially since the pandemic changed the nature of the working world, with so many employees today working remotely. Companies and their workers alike need reliable connectivity to keep operations running smoothly.

Global spending on IT services is soaring today and is projected to reach $4.6 trillion by the end of 2023, a 5.1% increase over 2022. The rapid pace of global digital transformation has given agencies such as this one a dramatically expanding customer base.

The company’s strong reputation in this field, their ability to attract top-quality technicians and their solid growth potential should make this a very attractive proposition for a buyer, while a review of the company’s history will make those strengths really shine.

Launched in early 2016, the company has become well known for its IT services and digital marketing tools, which have brought them household clients and B2B sales on a steady basis. The agency has a proactive computer support subscription that keeps computers secure from cybercrimes, running fast, and fully up to date. The company will executive preventative maintenance tasks and alert the owner to any problems that arise. This product is also able to identify potential hardware upgrades for easy upselling opportunities. People love fast machines.

They offer packaged products and subscription-based services that provide this agency with recurring revenues from their satisfied clients.

While technical services represent 55% of the company’s revenue stream, the company has expanded in unique ways. They launched an e-Commerce focused website that can be monetized in several ways, and a platform that helps small businesses get a simple, secure and effective website, either as a commercial website or as an eCommerce shop, without having to pay a developer thousands of dollars to get it.

While the company’s sales are not impacted by seasonal factors, their profits rise when they promote upgrades to their clients’ software and hardware systems.

A key reason for the company’s growth has been the highly enthusiastic response from their clients, which has enabled them to introduce and then effectively market new services to those customers.

Additionally, the agency has grown outside Hawaii and has clients in other states, and is poised for additional nationwide expansion.

This SEO agency has its own thriving SEO program.

While the company initially used a PPC ad campaign on Google to promote their services, they were able to shift to their highly cost-effective SEO program to drive organic traffic to their website and boost sales. Just as the company has provided SEO and SEM services to their clients, they’ve demonstrated how effectively they can use those same tools to bring new customers on board.

In addition to understanding how best to use keywords to boost their rankings in search engines, the agency also has an educational and informative blog on their website to attract more readers who can eventually become clients.

This also provides the company with some impressive scale opportunities by employing the same kind of digital marketing tools they now offer clients. The company could revive its PPC ad campaign while also launching the agency’s first social media marketing campaign. A related tactic would be creative videos that outline their services and use them for effective video marketing on sites such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

With a large email database, the company could also launch a regular online newsletter to educate existing clients about the full range of services this company provides or to promote the launch of new services to their existing client base.

This company does not require a heavy time commitment.

Depending on how busy the company is, the current owner rarely spends more than 20 hours per week operating this company, and usually far less. Contracted and offshore technicians are used to handle assignments and these workers are available to handle nearly all daily operations.

The company utilizes a team of low-cost offshore technical experts as needed. These professionals are experts in a wide range of IT, SEO, programming, and marketing projects and can be hours worked scaled up or down at will. The company also maintains an on-call contract workforce for on-site work as necessary.

This is an agency that provides service to individuals, families, and a wide range of businesses, including eCommerce companies. They also are known for providing professional technical training to clients, sharing their knowledge and expertise to help clients make the best choices about the new technologies that are available to them. This has resulted in a very faithful client base, which gets transferred to the new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 487,000
Cash Flow
$ 130,843
Gross Income
$ 166,401
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