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7 Year Vaporizers & Accessories Brand with 200+ SKUs and a $120 AOV – Strong Social Media Presence – Well Situated for Scale

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Website Closers® presents an exceptional vaporizer (vape) company that offers a unique lineup of vaping accessories Direct to Consumers via its popular branded online domain. Experiencing impressive growth throughout their customer base, this engaging brand is strategically designed for dynamic scale within the next few years. Opportunities for this brand continue to expand as the Global Cannabis Vaporizer market is projected to grow substantially over the next decade. Devised 7 years ago as an eCommerce space to market vaporizers and other accessories such as glass wear, mods, glass pipes, and other smoking accessories, this company developed strong relationships with multiple distributors that would be very difficult for a new business to achieve. Along with those invaluable partnerships, their sales saw a sizeable increase and the brand was able to continue expanding its SKUs, offering a wider variety of options. 

This company has found worthwhile growth while operating in a booming industry that has seen tremendous sizing up in the past few years as cannabis use has become legal across a growing number of states. This company has benefitted from those trends, and within the past several years, sales have skyrocketed. With the dominant portion of its sales generating entirely on the brand’s website, they have not yet expanded to include listings on other online platforms, such as Amazon. Sustaining vibrancy in sales year-round, they also experience sharp increases during the holiday season in November and December. Their customer demographic has shown to be men between the ages of 18 and 34, while their repeat customer base is now at 5%. Their current repeat order rate is showing signs of a healthy increase to date.

Having chosen to operate entirely on their own website, this brand has effectively leverage impactful digital marketing to connect with their audience, resulting in their noteworthy expansion within their clientele. Their top marketing effort has been an SEO program, which has included a blog that educates readers about the products offered. Those products include convection vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, e-liquid vaporizers, and portable vaporizers, among many others. Other products launched by the company include glass water bongs and pipes, glass bubblers, vaping mods, CBD moonrocks, CBD remedy oils, and many more. The company’s product line has continued to expand; they now offer their customers more than 200 SKUs that have an average order value of $120. 

As many of their products come directly from multiple suppliers, they also utilize multiple distributors as drop-shippers. This has granted them the ability to store their products in a 500 square foot storage space where they always maintain about two weeks’ worth of inventory.  

Given the recent social and constitutional acceptance of marijuana across the globe, the number of Cannabis-related products continues to increase in parallel. This company’s blog focuses on which new products are likely to be more beneficial to their customers and their SEO program has paid solid dividends. The brand’s website now averages more than 33,000 intrigued consumers each month. It hasn’t just been the trend of the legalization of marijuana, both for recreational and medical use, that has given this thriving eCommerce business a strong boost. Vaporizing, known to be a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, has also become extremely popular in recent years. Numerous studies have acknowledged its various health benefits which is why so many people have made the switch from cigarettes to vaping e-liquids. Likewise, vaping has become popular among cannabis users as well. Vaporizing doesn’t burn the cannabis but heats it to a certain temperature so it can be inhaled, but those who are vaping are not inhaling smoke, so this practice is considered healthier than smoking.

Currently, the company does not retain any trademarked or proprietary product offerings of its own, which offers one of several unique options for scaling this business. The company could develop its own branded line of vaporizers and accessories, giving them the ability to market something totally unique that no competitor has. Expanding its line of SKUs in response to the number of new vape products on the market and increasing marijuana sales could motivate this company to develop its own vape product line that would make it virtually impossible for any competitor to match their sales. 

This brand leverages a successful affiliates program and top sales, making them knowledgeable of its audience and what its customers are looking for. As their blog has made evident, they also know this industry and that puts them in a prime position to determine which unique products they could start developing in-house and at higher margins. Over the years, the brand has developed strong relationships with many of the top industry affiliates and has used its social media accounts to help promote products. Affiliates are paid a 10% commission on sales. Two other aspects of the brand’s marketing campaigns are equally as noteworthy. The company has an active presence on social media — with an accumulated number of over 3,500 followers on three major social media channels, all accounts where they make weekly postings. 

These accounts have been an integral part of their affiliate campaigns and as a method for boosting their organic traffic. Integrating a more aggressive marketing campaign would also guarantee increased consumer traffic and a much higher level of profitability. The company’s 60,000+ subscriber email database is a clear example of that wherein they could easily leverage those numbers by posting weekly email marketing campaigns that would include upsells of new products to their existing customers.   

Turning their social media accounts’ focus on marketing more of their CBD and glass products, which are quickly becoming top-selling items, could prove profitable as well.   There are also some great options for use of video marketing on sites such as TikTok and YouTube, including videos that follow the same pattern as their blog and educate viewers on how these products are used and which ones offer the best value. 

The final, yet crucial element of an expanded marketing campaign would be to launch the company’s first PPC campaign on Google and use those paid ads to expand their customer base even further.

Ultimately, this is an effortless and effective operation that does not require much manpower to keep it running. The current owner now spends an average of 15 hours or less per week running the business, with a focus on tasks that include packaging and shipping, and responding to customer inquiries, mostly by email. Now receiving about 10 email inquiries per day, the owner has one full-time employee who serves as the company’s business manager and handles all customer service issues.

With a minimal need for oversight or extraneous labor, this permits the brand with an efficient system for maintaining a high rate of customer service, which includes optimal delivery time. The company now stocks up to 75% of all products being sold, and sales have been solid enough that the company makes up to 15 shipments per day. 

Considering this feat, this brand has started to receive sales requests from wholesalers due to their competitive pricing and higher number of 5 Star ratings from customers. 

Presently, the company hasn’t taken up the challenge of expanding into B2B sales but the wholesale market offers another monumental growth opportunity for this business.

The legalization of marijuana and the switch from traditional smoking practices have both aided in making the vaporizer industry a highly profitable one, and since the trend toward legalization is expected to continue, this brand is more than ready to dramatically expand and solidify its customer base. 


For an incoming buyer, introducing its own branded line products, leveraging B2B sales, and implementing a fresh digital marketing approach are all certain to double or even triple this company’s profits and turn it into a lasting, and worthwhile investment. 

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Asking Price
$ 700,000
Cash Flow
$ 164,943
Gross Income
$ 887,981
Year Established

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