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8 Year Home Rental Marketplace for Medium Term Accommodation Rentals – 77% Net Margins – $542 Average Booking Fee


Website Closers® presents a beautiful opportunity with this Marketplace Leader in host home accommodation. While many companies have tried to enter the industry, this business has kept their focus by finding a niche sector of affordable medium-term accommodations , focusing on a specific target market, where they’re enjoying great success.

The brand is known as a leader in their country; and, over the years, has continuously developed and refined its operations. The company constantly works on improving its tech stack to the most advanced and scalable technologies to stay up to date. With a focus on one single, simple, and essential service, which is medium-term accommodations, they’ve dominated the market. With travel returning to an all-time high post-pandemic, they expect higher revenues than ever.

Given the nature of the business, bookings are seasonal with a busy summer period from May to September including a peak in July and August. However, international expansion could very quickly negate seasonality and increase profitability exponentially. The USA, for example, is the market leader in host accommodation and seems to be a natural market to target, as numerous cities in the US face the same real estate challenges as other places. Many EU countries are also viable destinations for scale with expansion into their respective markets that fit the company’s target criteria.

The company makes use of various marketing strategies to grow its presence. Organically, posts and stories on Facebook and engagement with the community on social media are made daily. The company’s organic content strategy is designed to expand its reach to guests and hosts through value-driven and informative content about how it can help guests and hosts, social proof content, and engagement-style posts. They use an organic social media strategy to reach new audiences, stay top of mind and continue to increase the trust factor with their audience.
The company’s paid marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram is designed to generate host leads. The brand is currently running ten ad campaigns on these two platforms.

Trust is one of the most significant barriers to success in this industry. The company has astutely made use of TrustPilot to showcase its social proof. They also create content using TrustPilot reviews to repurpose across their social media platforms and currently boast more than 400 reviews with a rating of 4.7 stars.

The website has been SEO optimized and continues to increase the organic traffic volume to the site. In addition, a Host Blog on the website, although small, is helping to build organic traffic.

The logistics are first-rate. Over time the management has systemized this business well, and the owners spend little time running daily operations, focusing instead on strategic development.

Most of the actions, like booking confirmation, are automated. The customer service team supports the hosts and guests with any questions or complaints before a booking and during the guest’s stay. The processes have been created for every case scenario with available templates.

The business uses a custom CRM and Gmail for Professional. Guests and hosts also have their own dashboard to manage their booking, lowering the workload for the customer service agents.

The business employs eight full-time staff.
• 1 Team Lead Leader Customer Service Officer.
• 1 Senior Customer Service Officer.
• 4 Customer Service Agents are responsible for booking and email queries from hosts and guests and creating new room listings.
• 1 Marketing Manager is in charge of social media and online advertising.
• 1 DevOp improves and launches new features on the back end and front end.

Only the DevOp is employed by the company. The rest of the staff are on a freelance contract. With the right marketing skills, the opportunities to grow the business are immense.

Social media is prominent in travel and shows a lucrative return on strategic ad campaigns. By utilizing Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, the company can showcase itself to millions of potential customers and build a loyal following.

Google ads and affiliate marketing are obvious next steps. After that, the company can quickly begin email retargeting to its database of 10,000+ email database while growing it and keeping existing and potential customers constantly aware of specials, new products, and the brand in general.

With the company already showing so much success, these strategies could be implemented across the board and increase market share dramatically in other countries.

If you’d like to hear more details about this business and the vast amount of scale potential it has, contact Website Closers today.

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Asking Price
$ 8,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,341,152
Gross Income
$ 1,726,823
Year Established