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9 Year eCommerce Brand in the Firearms Parts & Accessories Category – Massive YOY Growth – Patents & Trademarks Included – 321,000+ Monthly Website Visitors


Website Closers® presents a unique opportunity to acquire a niche eCommerce Brand that is seeing super high growth and enormous profitability. This Internet Company provides firearm parts and accessories for individuals who want to assemble or customize a weapon. This is a rapidly growing industry – and one where customers are able to apply the parts and accessories acquired from this business to fully customize their firearm. That’s helped to create high demand for these parts, and over the past three years, the company has brought in over $70 million in sales.

The company’s past growth may be just the tip of the iceberg for an even larger surge in profitability. In the past few years, revenues have been increasing steadily. TTM earnings are almost double 2021 earnings – a testament to the continued massive interest in the offerings of this business. While firearm sales remain high year-round, there are often major spikes in sales when individuals become concerned about possible new federal regulations, including when a new presidential administration is coming in.

This brand, which has a high average order value of $280, is taking full advantage of what has become a scorching hot market for gun parts and accessories. The company has an email database that includes 212,000+ subscribers, while their average monthly visitor level now exceeds 321,000+. This brand has developed a trusted reputation within the community of firearm owners, and as their customer base and sales continue rising, a buyer has an excellent opportunity to build on that success and scale to even greater heights.

The company was launched in 2013 to market various parts and accessories that can be used to build a pistol or rifle. The company has a patented receiver for DIY home-build enthusiasts that became their first branded product.

The company has built up its product line and now offers 113 SKUs, and sales tend to be particularly good between September and May, with somewhat slower sales during the summer months, as with most eCommerce companies. Their customer demographics tend to be mostly men between the ages of 25 and 50, who vary widely when it comes to income levels and other factors.

Sales have been so strong, in fact, that the company now ships 500+ products a day. At their 4,000-square-foot storage facility, the company now stocks up to $3 million in inventory, depending on the season. Sales have been so vibrant that the company places new supply orders every 2-4 weeks.

How did the company build up such a large and committed customer base? Excellent marketing tactics have helped. Sales are conducted entirely on the company’s eCommerce site, and the company has relied on a variety of proven digital marketing tactics to bring those customers on board.

The company has a successful SEO program that relies on both keywords in product descriptions and the use of an educational and informative blog on their website. The blog focuses on how to build a DIY weapon and on the political and legislative issues around gun ownership.

In addition, with a massive email database, the brand sends out two emails a month keeping their subscribers informed about what’s new at the company.

They employ an active affiliates marketing campaign on YouTube that attracts different DIY home builder groups, and their social media posts are designed to be relevant to the participants within these groups.

There are ways to further enhance their social media and email marketing campaigns in the future to drive more traffic to the website, including the use of video marketing on sites such as TikTok and YouTube. The company could scale very quickly by diversifying their existing SKUs. That could include increasing the number of AR-15 parts they make available, which could potentially double the company’s revenue, and expanding new receiver designs. The company now has two highly desirable patents and two more pending the approval process.

They could add new accessories, such as magazines, custom options for holsters, and red dot sights. Doing all of this would enable the company to use email marketing to upsell these new products to their existing customers.

Because the business is maintained so efficiently, the current owner now spends just 15-20 hours each week operating it. Those tasks include maintaining solid relationships with suppliers, researching new products, and scheduling trade shows.

An experienced team is in place to manage day-to-day operations. The owner now employs three full-time workers: an office manager, a warehouse manager, and a production manager. There are 10 part-time employees, including two customer service representatives, four warehouse workers, and two assemblers. The company also employs salespeople who attend trade shows to promote the business and manage wholesale accounts.

This expert team now manages up to 33 customer service contacts per day, which can come in by phone, email, text, and social media. That team is well versed on how to keep the inventory flowing and to provide a buyer with a guarantee that their recurring revenues will remain steady.

This is a terrific opportunity to own a business that has succeeded in one of the most durable and evergreen industries. Since the nation’s founding, the right to own a firearm has been paramount, and sales of these items virtually never dip. This business caters to DIY firearm owners and those who like to customize their firearms with various accessories.  This is a very fast-growing market, and a perfectly legal one and this business have a terrific reputation with those buyers and with builders groups who are giving them excellent word-of-mouth advertising.

This is a business with amazing growth potential. Simply expanding the product line could literally double profits in the short run. This business offers unimaginable opportunities to any lucky buyer: a steady revenue, an expanding customer base, loyal buyers, and the opportunity for massive growth in the future.

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Asking Price
$ 28,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 12,399,577
Gross Income
$ 23,343,877
Year Established