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9 Year Fitness, Health & Wellness Mobile App & Subscription Service – Android & iOS Users – Also Offers eBooks – 131,000 Instagram Followers

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Website Closers® presents a nutrition, training, and recipe Mobile App for Android and IOS users that has helped thousands achieve their health and fitness goals over the past 9 years. Since the onset of the global pandemic, people have flocked to online fitness and wellness alternatives. This flourishing company has taken full advantage of the heightened level of interest in fitness, which is projected to continue growing in the foreseeable future.

Tough competition has been witnessed between brick-and-mortar gyms against in-app fitness. Information technology has transformed the way the fitness industry works. Downloads of fitness and health apps increased globally by 46% due to the rising trend of online fitness training and its ease of use. A growing awareness regarding fitness and mental well-being is also driving the market.

There are currently various programs within this brand’s app, including three 12-week, three 6-week, and pre-and post-partum programs available in home and gym editions. A 30-day body and running challenge are also highly popular.

By revenue, the most notable solutions are weight loss, health, and training programs for strength. The main product is an app subscription service, which is a one-stop shop for all fitness and health-related programs and needs. These include:

  • A nutrition section with custom macronutrients and flexible dieting options. Users can enter data, override the calculations, and track their daily nutritional intake
  • A recipes section of over 1,600 has nutritional data that can be logged
  • Setting meal plans according to goals—all approved by dieticians
  • Training programs with custom weights and calculations based on individual data
  • A HIIT timer
  • On-demand workouts
  • Shopping lists
  • A goal-setting section
  • A challenge section
  • Profile and images

The typical customer is a female between 25 and 35, often a mother, who needs direction to lose weight, wants access to recipes, or likes to take care of herself.

The business experiences peaks during summer, new year’s, and seasonal events. However, seasonality is balanced by capitalizing on different challenges, advertising, and new ambassadors to maintain customer interest.

A comprehensive social media strategy is the primary marketing and lead generation tool, with Instagram, and its 130,000+ followers, being the lead platform. In addition, the brand has a closed Facebook group to encourage accountability, user-generated content, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Significant growth opportunities are available to the business. Paid advertising and additional trainers are low-hanging fruit. When utilized, paid social prompted the business’s most revenue growth. Given her various responsibilities outside of the company, the existing owner cannot keep up with managing an agency, team, or any more staff members to manage this strategy effectively, giving new ownership an immediate and proven plan to skyrocket sales.

An influencer marketing campaign would undoubtedly prove highly lucrative in this niche. Fitness has shown some of the best returns on influencer marketing across Instagram and TikTok, and the brand should immediately consider implementing an aggressive campaign.

The owner works only eight to ten hours weekly, given personal time constraints. Her primary tasks include managing ambassadors, writing emails, filming content for social media, and promoting the training programs.

Two part-time staff work in the capacities of graphic design and marketing and customer service. Contractors are occasionally used for app maintenance, programming, new recipes, eBook design, or quick turnaround on creative work.

Enticingly for a buyer, a new Pilates program is complete and merely needs to be added to the app. The owner is motivated to train a new buyer in the current strategy, contractor relationships, marketing plans, and also suggestions for growth.

Few special skills are required to operate the business; however, a willingness to want the brand to succeed would be a prerequisite. A buyer with funding to put into new trainers, paid social advertising, and ambassadors would likely see a speedy and healthy return on investment, as has been the case with other fitness apps that have seen revenue of over $100 million annually.

This Mobile App Company is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 640,000
Cash Flow
$ 182,894
Gross Income
$ 257,228
Year Established

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