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9 Year SaaS Business in the Ad-Testing Automation Space – Patented, Proprietary Tech Stack – 70% Recurring Revenue – 7 Figure Pipeline – $14,000 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a SaaS company that has completely transformed the consumer insights industry by offering Top-Tier Advertising Testing and Research Capabilities that are done in a matter of hours rather than months. Their unwavering commitment to speed, affordability, and exceptional quality distinguishes them from their competitors.

The catalyst for this business’s inception was the rise of high-speed internet access and the emergence of streaming services like YouTube, which opened up novel avenues for brands to engage with consumers. This fundamentally altered the marketing landscape and necessitated a rapid shift in creative content production. Recognizing that conventional market research methods and companies needed to be updated and better suited for this new environment, the founders sought a superior alternative and thus established the company. Within two years, they successfully launched the platform, which rapidly connects millions of consumers to brands and features a patented system for capturing real-time audience emotions in advertising diagnostics.

What sets this business apart are several distinctive aspects.


Patented Technologies: The company owns several patents for pioneering technologies, including a unique second-by-second commentary and live emotional tracing feature. This innovation provides real-time insights into consumers’ emotional journeys as they interact with multimedia content.

Unique Data Sets: Live audience reactions generate valuable data that helps brands and agencies optimize their messaging. Understanding what triggers positive or negative consumer responses enables clients to fine-tune their ads and maximize their ROI.

Data Collection at Scale: The company serves as a significant data collection source, linking over 400 million people globally to its survey platform. This makes it an attractive acquisition target for AI companies seeking diverse and abundant data sets.

Powerful AI Tool: Integrating live audience reactions with the option to incorporate computer vision technology allows the team to create specialized training sets focusing on various aspects of content. This unveils deeper insights into human emotional responses, thus enhancing the predictive capabilities of AI technologies.

Real-world Ad Performance Tracking: Besides ad testing, the platform tracks real-world ad performance. This dual capability equips clients with comprehensive insights into their advertisements’ life cycle and offers a rich data set for training AI models.

Valuable for AI and Data Analysis Companies: The wealth of real-world performance data amassed is highly valuable for potential acquirers, empowering them to develop more sophisticated, accurate, and predictive AI-driven marketing and advertising solutions.

Service Offerings

The majority of the company’s revenue, accounting for approximately 90%, is derived from two key offerings:

Ad and Concept Testing

This is a fundamental service where the company provides comprehensive ad testing services, covering a variety of formats such as radio, TV, and banner ads. The offering spans from testing ads in their conceptual stages to post-production, ensuring that clients’ campaigns are optimized for maximum impact.

Brand Tracking Services

Equally significant, the platform’s brand tracking services monitor performance metrics like affinity, attributes, and purchase intent over time. These services provide real-time insights into the impact of marketing campaigns and competitor activities, assisting clients in making informed strategic decisions. The recurring, long-term research contracts associated with brand tracking services contribute to high profit margins.

Around 70% of the company’s contracts come from repeat customers who engage in ongoing ad testing and brand tracking services. The remaining 30% are either new clients or one-time service projects.


Contracts models vary. Ongoing software subscriptions are typically billed annually, while ongoing data collection and tracking services may be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. Depending on the customer, one-off research projects are payable on net 30 to 60-day terms.

The business enjoys robust sales throughout the year, experiencing significant spikes in demand during the spring and fall as companies prepare for holiday campaigns and introduce new concepts at the start of the year.

The owners have established a network of trusted vendors for data analysis and report-writing tasks. Beginning in 2021, they wisely chose to build a network of partners to handle the professional service side of the business, including reporting and research, allowing them to concentrate on technology and software development.

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Asking Price
$ 1,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 292,650
Gross Income
$ 449,069
Year Established

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