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Affiliate Network Focused on Lead Generation for a Wide Range of Industries – 250% YOY Earnings Growth – Over 160 Publishers and 100 Advertisers

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Website Closers® presents a Performance Marketing Affiliate Network that, through their effective Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) marketing, has been able to rapidly scale since they were founded. The model of performance marketing that they offer is invaluable for a large number of product and service-based companies, putting them in a great position for finding prospective clients. They’ve been able to generate leads from a wide range of industries, and have done especially well with the Medicare, mass tort, subprime, home services, and insurance segments. Founded off the expertise of a professional within the niche, this network pairs Advertisers with the right Publishers to earn the highest CPA rates they can.

The boom of the digital marketing industry in the late 90s and early 2000s left many publishers and advertisers scrambling to manage the buying and selling of their ad inventory. Ad networks presented a much-needed solution to this issue, routing transactions and streamlining the process.

Rather than being an Ad Exchange, this business is an Ad Network dedicated to providing excellent results to their clients. They have connections with real publishers and consistently hit advertiser KPIs. Most Ad Exchange businesses are large platforms with low-quality traffic, making it a struggle for clients to get the proper advertising they need. In contrast, this company uses direct offers, quick payment terms, and specially tailored advertorials to increase traffic to their platform. They provide standard publisher agreements with varying payment terms, with some receiving payment every week, and others every month. This structure maintains and protects cash flow, benefiting the business in the long term.

The company has nearly 101 advertisers to their name, who are paid monthly or weekly. Once the offers are made, they require very little communication to get to work, paying on time and only reaching out to let the company know whether an offer is pausing for the holidays, if there’s a new offer to test, or to provide any other important updates. All communication is done online, saving on time and travel expenses.

The backbone of this business’ growth and network has been the trust they foster with advertisers and publishers. They have reliably provided their advertisers with high-quality, high-volume traffic, and met the demands of the publishers while consistently paying them on time. By doing this, they have built up a strong relationship with their network, leading to introductions with other trusted publishers, and steady organic growth.

The brand’s strategy centers around helping advertisers create successful offers for their products, then connecting them with publishers who can manage their campaigns for the best results. Their expertise in the field has given them steady profit since they were established, and a growth rate is going strong to this day.

CPA Networks are platforms that connect affiliates looking to make a profit by promoting products, and advertisers who need professional promotion. There is a selection of networks that clients can choose from, each of which has competitive pay rates and exclusive features to make their service more appealing. Some of these CPA Networks also have expert affiliate managers, who work to make sure the process goes as well as possible. In order to succeed, advertisers and affiliates must take into account what they’re looking for in their business, and find a trustworthy network that can meet their demands.

The CPA marketing model includes:

  • Affiliate or Publisher: The blogger/ brand/ business that promotes a product or a company to drive traffic to the website and make a specific conversion
  • Business or Advertiser: The brand that partners with an affiliate to drive traffic to the website to enhance sales, boost conversions, or generate leads
  • CPA Network: The platform connecting the affiliate and the advertiser.

Some of the top benefits of CPA marketing are:

  • It has a very low risk
  • You need not pay for traffic that does not convert as you pay after the sale
  • It offers a high ROI
  • Expands marketing reach as it provides scale and distribution

The affiliate marketing network market is doing better than ever in the digital age. Over 80% of all brands use affiliate programs, and 9 out of 10 publishers use at least two or more programs. Affiliate marketing is behind 16% of eCommerce sales worldwide, and is especially strong in the US, which accounts for a 39% share in the industry. Advertisers also generate between 15% and 30% of all shares from their affiliate programs, showing the power the market has within the region. Additionally, marketing trends have shown that it’s best to reach a maximum number of affiliates by connecting with various networks. The founder of this business has worked in the industry for over a decade, and has put their knowledge to use to make the network as effective as it is today.

The owners spend a modest 10 to 20 hours on the business every week, with their main responsibilities consisting of:

  • Managing all affiliates and advertisers
  • Overseeing all accounting (accounts payable and receivable)
  • Business development
  • Guiding support team on offers to load

The ideal buyer for this acquisition is someone who has a knack for multi-tasking, knows how to stay organized and on top of their daily tasks, and can successfully manage a network of working relationships. As the company is managed exclusively online, no office space is necessary, allowing the owner to remotely manage it from anywhere in the world. The buyer can also cut down on the amount of time needed to run the business by hiring more employees, making it easier to focus on scaling. One of the most efficient ways they could go about doing this is by adding international and adult advertisers and publishers, increasing their traffic and broadening their reach.

By identifying and meeting the needs of publishers and advertisers alike, the company has built up a solid reputation among their partners for quick, effective results, and reliable business practices. With a tight-knit network behind them and healthy financials, they are primed and ready for rapid growth.

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WC 2881

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 753,528
Gross Income
$ 5,479,763
Year Established

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