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Website Closers® presents an innovative Ag-Tech Company that is winning over Educators and Governments with its combination of Artificial Intelligence, STEM Learning in the Agricultural Vertical, and a unique hands-on approach to learning that no other platforms can provide, all wrapped up in a SaaS offering that is creating a highly loyal client base of school systems, colleges, labs, and universities that build up their Recurring Revenue model.

This Agritech Platform was designed from the ground up by a highly skilled team of scientists that have been iterating in the space for years. With the advance of AI in recent years, the platform has become exciting, powerful, and a learning tool unlike all others. The platform helps facilitate stronger learning opportunities in schools that focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. As STEM learning becomes more popular, this platform makes studies of agriculture technology more engaging for students and has impressed school districts and the municipal governments that fund them.

The Power of AI + Software

As the software continues to be accepted by schools around the nation, the company now enjoys 52% profit margins with highly sticky users as its reputation for educational excellence grows stronger. Today, the company is seeking a Non-Control investment of 10-15% ownership in the company to fund an expansion into additional schools across the country and to ensure the platform can successfully market itself as an innovative new approach to learning for students heading into the field of agriculture.

The significance of this company’s platform to both STEM learning and the Agritech vertical can’t be underestimated. The global Agritech market is now valued at $23.5 billion and projected to grow by 16.5% through 2030, reaching $79.7 billion that year. There is a renewed focus on this industry because an increasing global population has led to higher food demand. Agritech programs help farms produce more food for less cost and manpower.

This company has already completed 15 pilot programs at local schools and developed excellent relations with school lobbyists and government agencies overseeing education. The foundation is in place for this unique STEM platform to become universally embraced in schools across the U.S., and across the globe. But the company requires access to capital to begin fulfilling on that promise.

This business represents a clear opportunity for an investor to become a part-owner and scale it by marketing this platform in publications and on websites devoted to education, STEM learning, agritech, and the farming industry to build stronger brand recognition, and then focus on expanding the platform into schools across the U.S.

Business Broker Takeaway  

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for a unique technology program operating in two evergreen verticals, Education and Agriculture. We are excited about this business for 3 important reasons:

  1. Proprietary Platform. This STEM technology platform was built to revolutionize learning for Agriculture students, creating a curriculum that is project-based and considerably more hands-on than traditional learning methods. Classrooms using this platform can monitor crop outcomes, use experimental modules to run trials, and even consume the very crops they grow. This is a unique and highly specialized educational environment that appeals to schools eager to find creative ways to teach and keep students stimulated. Best of all, this proprietary curriculum is ideal for agriculture education and is applicable anywhere across the globe.
  2. Advanced Technology. This platform combines AI-powered Grow Chambers that give students a literal cultivation zone, with 10 cubic feet of growth space for planting and later harvesting crops. That includes high-resolution cameras that monitor and document each phase of the plant’s growth. The platform’s AI technology gives students the ability to make a comprehensive analysis of what got harvested in each Grow Area. This is a comprehensive and interactive approach to learning that meets the needs of modern classrooms and gives students hands-on experience in agricultural technology. It’s groundbreaking technology, and no other educational platform offers anything similar.
  3. Executive Team in Place. A big benefit for a buyer is the company has an Executive Team in place ready to lead the next phase of its growth cycle. The team includes professionals who guide strategy, curriculum development, internet protocols, and management of the platform. These team members have been board members at the USF College of Pharmacy, appeared on CNBC’s The Next List, and include the creator of the Aerogarden website, which grew from $2 million in annual sales in 2002 to $140 million. This team’s expertise enabled the company to create this SaaS curriculum tailored for educational institutions. 

The Company

The Executive Team used its experience to develop this AI-powered Curriculum so it would adapt to each student’s learning pace and style, creating a personalized educational experience. Schools and government agencies are embracing this curriculum since it equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful future in farming or agriculture technology.

A first-of-its-kind project, educators recognize that it delivers a relevant, effective STEM education to students, enabling them to become problem-solvers in the field of agriculture.

This is a truly groundbreaking approach to education providing students with valuable insights into the science of crop cultivation. It also ensures that each student receives an education tailored to their interests and career goals – and that prepares them for future challenges in the rapidly evolving field of agricultural technology.

As the company’s platform continues expanding into new classrooms, the business is projecting $20,000,000 Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) by 2027, and a 55% Compound Annual Growth Rate over the next 5 years. For an ambitious investor, this is a massive opportunity to be part of a leading educational platform that could quickly become mainstream across the U.S.

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