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All-In-One Loyalty, Rewards, VIP & Referral Program for eCommerce Businesses – SaaS Model (Recurring Revenue) – Strong Growth Business

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Website Closers® presents a 5.5-year-old SaaS brand that’s well-versed in the art of speeding along business growth. They are an all-in-one loyalty, referrals, VIP tier, and affiliate marketing suite aimed at accelerating growth for eCommerce brands, with their unique software suite integrating with 6 major web platforms that eCommerce companies typically utilize.

Their software helps promote customer loyalty, retention, and growth by offering incentives for existing customers to interact with a company and, at the same time, refer their friends and family to the site. This helps businesses decrease marketing acquisition expenses while increasing retention and revenue, which is an invaluable strategy in an era where eCommerce customer acquisition costs have doubled or tripled over the past few years.

Companies that fit the brand’s idea customer profile see a 15x return of investment (ROI) on average, making the brand a highly attractive option for company growth. In addition, there are several key factors that set them apart from their competition, such as:

All-in-one loyalty across all 4 major customer value propositions – points & rewards, referrals, VIP & memberships, and Affiliates.

  • In-depth conditional logic & rules
  • Full customization including HTML & CSS editors
  • Brand Syndication – cross store sync of points, customers, affiliates and other key data.
  • Customer segmentation and reporting
  • Integration into 6 major eCommerce platforms and 30 tech integrations including Zapier.
  • Unlimited pricing – the company does not charge per orders, traffic or customers.

These factors have contributed to their ARPU of $398, a low churn rate, and a customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of $12,060. They have also recently expanded into the lucrative large enterprise customer space and obtained a new enterprise customer that is paying 10x the ARPU of smaller old customers. The brand predicts that throughout the next 12 months, revenue will increase by 37% thanks to this expansion, with the new enterprise customer alone being expected to contribute about 10% in growth.

The company’s lead generation strategy currently consists of their SEO, marketplace, and partnerships, which have been steadily built over their years of operation. They also have a blog that focuses on many themes that are relevant to eCommerce brands. In the past, they have tested PPC and outbound sales alongside SEO, but the main driver of revenue for the brand has continued to be SEO and partnerships. This has led to a minimal current marketing strategy, which presents an opportunity for the right, marketing-minded buyer to focus on targeting larger customer bases for a rapid increase in revenue.

Management is currently divided between two owners. The first works an average of 3 to 4 hours every week on the brand, with their responsibilities consisting of assisting with support messages regarding client questions, investigating possible integrations based on sales demos, managing enterprise communication & product spec fleshing out for custom quotes, creating all ticket specs, and managing their senior software engineer.

The second owner needs about 1 to 2 hours every week on average, with their responsibilities focusing on assisting with support messages regarding client questions, reviewing technical issues delegating fixes, and managing AWS/vendor infrastructure as needed.

The brand also has 2 contractors working for them. The first is responsible for all customer support, handling sales demos, reviewing enterprise accounts each month, and writing monthly blog articles and emails to relevant segments. The second contractor is a senior software engineer who works on an as-needed basis for development, fixing bugs for clients as they occur, and building new features and/or improvements based on roadmap tickets or customer requests. This contractor is confirmed to be staying on post-purchase.

With the brand’s recent expansion into the large enterprise customer space puts them in an excellent position to scale further with the right buyer. The minimal structure of their marketing campaign means that they could quickly attract customers via PPC advertising and other additional investment in their marketing strategy. They could also build partnerships with large digital marketing agencies.

The brand could post more frequently on social media for a stronger organic traffic flow, and to enhance their sense of customer loyalty. Another option the buyer could consider would be to hire an SDR or agency to develop an outbound calling program.

This acquisition is well-versed in the art of growing a business, and now it’s their turn to be taken to the next level by an ambitious buyer. The company is remarkably easy to run due to their light workload, and with a stronger marketing campaign, they could rapidly increase revenue and reach far greater heights.

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WC 3220

Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 398,000
Gross Income
$ 559,000
Year Established

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