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Aluminum Wall Art eCommerce Brand | Shopify, Amazon, Etsy & Wayfair Channels | $130 AOV | 60,000+ Monthly Uniques | Full Operations Team in Place | Rising Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Brand in the Wall Art vertical, which has attracted an active and rapidly growing customer base through their Custom Metal Art. With 500+ designs and a competitively priced Average Order Value of $130, the company has found a receptive base for its premium products made from aluminum composite.

All products are made entirely in the U.S., and shipped from a U.S.-based supply chain, which provides for fast deliveries and complements the company’s commitment to first-rate customer service. All designs are exclusively made for this brand and are designed to maximize the beauty of the homes that feature them.

The company uses an omnichannel approach to sales, with products available on its Shopify website, Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair. Another unique aspect of this company is its ecofriendly credentials: Their products are manufactured using recycled materials, which has given them a loyal customer base among customers who emphasize sustainability. The company’s Repeat Customer Rate just shot up by 15% as more people discover them and their brand recognition gets stronger.

This business represents a clear opportunity for a U.S. Buyer to acquire this company and then scale it quickly by investing in new digital marketing tools, including video marketing on YouTube and TikTok, and a social media marketing campaign that includes the use of affiliates.

Business Broker Takeaways

1. Domestic Supply Chain. A significant strength this company provides a new buyer is its domestic supply chain. With all SKUs made exclusively in the United States, the fact that they are handled through a domestic end-to-end supply chain ensures fast shipping, quick delivery, and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction. This system eliminates the hurdles that online businesses can sometimes endure from sourcing overseas. The company is now shipping 100+ orders a day from its 3,000-square-foot warehouse, and this is an efficient operation that needs no fine-tuning. An average of 2-3 months’ worth of inventory is always maintained to keep up with demand.

2. Diverse Marketing Strategies. While the company has used PPC ads on Facebook and Google to drive sales, they have a strong digital marketing plan for boosting organic traffic. The company works with a marketing agency that handles not just those PPC ads but also social media posts. The company also uses CRM through its email and SMS text messaging campaigns, and its website is fully optimized for SEO keywords and includes an informational blog. These marketing tools are bringing 60,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website. PPC ads remain the largest source of sales to date, allowing the new owner to expand into new marketing tools such as the use of influencers and affiliates, and video marketing.

3. Polished Operations. A significant advantage for a new owner is the company’s experienced and professional team of employees. This capable team handles the brand’s day-to-day-day operations so the current owner doesn’t need to spend more than 10 hours per week running the business. This team – which includes a warehouse manager, a machinist, a packer, a customer service representative, and a designer — is expected to transfer with the business itself post-acquisition, and the current owners are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

The Company

Artwork remains a universal part of homes, offices, hotels and resorts, and apartments, and this company has done well marketing its wall art designs across a diverse range of channels. While 85% of the company’s revenues are generated through its Shopify website, there are ways to grow sales on its additional platforms, especially Amazon with its internal marketing tools for sellers.

The company today has limited competition since its designs and wall art SKUs are totally unique, and since its omnichannel strategy enables the company to have more effective sales than competitors who rely on just one channel.

The buyer of this company also has an opportunity to expand the product line and to add additional sales channels such as Walmart, and target sales to sites devoted to the unique wall art.

The new owner has additional strong methods for scaling this company, which include establishing an affiliate marketing program to build brand recognition and making an expansion onto the global market. Amazon’s foreign platforms would be an ideal way to bring the company’s SKUs to an international audience since art is a popular commodity across the globe.

With a strong customer base, streamlined operations, and a professional team at the helm, this business has a solid foundation for the new owner who takes over. The current owner is available to help supervise operations during the transition to ensure the new owner can keep up the company’s sales momentum.

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WC 3417

Asking Price
$ 899,000
Cash Flow
$ 269,961
Gross Income
$ 1,949,738
Year Established

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