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Amazon FBA Brand in the Back Brace Category – Minimal Workload & Easy to Run from Home – No Employees Necessary

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Website Closers® presents an Amazon eCommerce Brand operating profitability in the health and wellness vertical, offering a Posture Back Brace for men and women. While their main product is sourced directly from the manufacturer, the company has created five variations of their back brace. The company has taken the reviews of customers and created iterations of the back brace to be a better solution for customers.

Amazon has proven to be the ideal platform for quickly building up their customer base. With the ability to use Amazon’s marketing tools to reach a growing audience, the company is now enjoying strong sales with over 200,000 units sold.

At the same time, this is a highly turnkey business where the current ownership devotes no more than three hours per week to running it, and without the need for any employees, since Amazon handles so many of the crucial daily tasks.

This is also an evergreen business, one not impacted by seasonal factors. These back braces not only sell year-round but have attracted thousands of highly enthusiastic reviews from customers, while earning the brand an Amazon Choice Badge in their category. This business is operating on an enviable strong foundation and has lots of appealing scale opportunities.

This brand is also operating in an enormously lucrative field. The global market for orthopedic braces was valued at $4.24 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow by 6.7% through 2030. Technological developments and innovations in back braces, along with a rising geriatric population and an increasing number of people with chronic and acute conditions, are providing a significant boost to this industry.

Back braces have become increasingly popular because of how debilitating back pain can feel. There are lots of benefits to wearing a back brace since they can significantly improve or completely eliminate that pain. Back braces support key areas and core muscles of the back and spine, enabling your body to relax and begin healing. Professionally fit back braces provide a way to prevent a chronic condition from getting worse.

Having recognized the market was there for these critical healthcare devices, this brand has built up a vibrant platform on Amazon and could scale it very rapidly.

The Company

Launched five years ago, the company started to pick up steam two years ago when they introduced this back brace, which is sourced from an Asian manufacturer the brand has a very strong relationship with.

Along the way, the current ownership has adjusted sizes, lengths, and other aspects of the braces in response to customer feedback, making the products even more appealing to their buyers. There are now five variations of the main product, which are ordered directly from the supplier, then shipped to Fulfillment By Amazon for fast and reliable shipping and delivery.

Being a 100% Amazon FBA brand has proven to be a smart business decision for the company, which has seen its revenue soar past $1.3 million. The company isn’t resting on its past and current success. There are now 20+ new products in the pipeline, a guaranteed approach to sending their profits soaring once they get released.


With Amazon carrying most responsibilities, this is an exceptionally simple business to operate. The current ownership can devote just two hours a week to operating it, with a focus on checking for Amazon notifications, ensuring all listings are still active, and checking inventory levels. Amazon does the rest.

The owner also ships all products directly from the manufacturer to FBA and has no need for 3PLs or warehouse space. That’s an important distinction since the company maintain high levels of inventory at FBA, typically around 10,000+ units. They also maintain an even higher inventory level with the supplier, up to 30,000+ units, although the manufacturer does not impose any additional charges for storing these products.

New orders are placed whenever inventory starts getting low.


The company’s marketing has relied primarily – and effectively – on PPC ads on Amazon to expose them to new customers, and it has worked. The company also benefits from an SEO program that ensures their platform and product descriptions are fully optimized for the most popular keywords in this industry.

That leaves plenty of additional opportunities to scale quickly. That could include increasing their PPC budget, launching a social media marketing campaign, and starting a blog on their platform.

Additional solid scale options would include doing an international expansion on Amazon’s foreign platforms, selling their products on additional marketplaces such as Walmart and eBay, and continuing to launch new products.

This Amazon seller introduced the right orthopedic products at the right time and is enjoying their recurring revenues, a solid customer base, great product reviews and the upcoming launch of 20+ new products. It’s a brand with a very promising future.

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Asking Price
$ 662,000
Cash Flow
$ 236,316
Gross Income
$ 1,319,573
Year Established

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