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Amazon FBA Business in Pet, Sports, Yoga and In-Home Storage Verticals


Website Closers® presents a dynamic Amazon FBA Company that sells highly ranked products across 4 high demand categories, including Pet Products, Basketball & Yoga Equipment and In-Home Storage Solutions. Carrying a multitude of Amazon Choice badges for the keywords associated with their brands, as well as a number 1 Amazon ranking for their top seller, this eCommerce Company has a tried-and-true system for finding products that will sell and rank well on the A9. Having earned a powerful 4.5 Star and above ranking across their product array, this company boasts a 97% seller account ranking.

This company has been built through organic means and could be scaled exponentially through the development of PPC marketing, the addition of more SKUs, and an extension onto Amazon International. This company has built an invaluable framework along with an unrivaled standing on that will benefit a new owner on day 1 of ownership.

The strong and rapid growth of both the storage line and pet products means that developing direct-to-consumer websites could prove incredibly useful for driving conversions and awareness. Additionally, creating a social media presence – both organic and paid – for each of these brands could engage the target audience effectively to create a loyal consumer base that keeps coming back. Establishing this in tandem with full scale SKU line extensions could skyrocket each of these brands’ profitability and market share.

Selling all products through Amazon FBA, this company retains a 100% inventory model and incredible shipping advantages including Prime 1 and 2 day capabilities. The current framework has maximized this strategy by ordering all products with strict standards that minimize the need to repackage or change any of the products between their arrivals and their send off to Amazon’s storage facilities. Earning an average of $17.98 for every order, this popular storefront earns incomparable margins with exceptional sales volume.

Operating across 4 different, sought-after verticals that curtail risk, SKU concentration, and seasonality to deliver exceptional revenue streams across the board, each of these industry segments are predicted to grow dramatically in the coming years, this acquisition is an unprecedented investment for any capable buyer. Capitalizing on this opportunity, a business-minded new owner could engage in influencer marketing and SEO initiatives for all listings and websites to drive both awareness and product adoption. Similarly, building up wholesale offerings could scale this company swiftly through increased sales volume and guaranteed recurring revenues.

The ownership currently spends up to 3 hours each week running and growing this business. The sole operator of this uniquely designed company, the owner is responsible for monitoring stock and reordering products when necessary in addition to keeping an eye on each product’s keyword rankings to maximize profitability.

A 5 star amazon seller with more than 9,600 product reviews, this dynamic company provides products in 4 individually promising markets that work together to earn substantial revenues and reliable sales year round. As these industries grow and consumers increasingly turn to online shopping, especially through Amazon, this company’s potential reaches limitless heights. A truly rare opportunity, this striking offering is a promising investment for any type of buyer.

This Amazon FBA Business Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & Amazon Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2233

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 351,209
Gross Income
$ 1,523,012
Year Established