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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Kids, Sports Equipment, Pet Accessories, Home, Kitchen & Office Verticals


This opportunity represents a fully established eCommerce Brand that sells Consumer Products in a multitude of high demand verticals. The breadth of the company’s assortment and categories served is the key to their low seasonality and incredible revenue throughout the seasons and trends. This ever-growing offering primarily leverages the Amazon FBA system for swift sales, shipping, and everything in between. This brand has achieved unparalleled success across the Kids, Pets, Sports, Home & Kitchen, and Office Products categories. Currently leveraging only as a sales channel, a new owner will be able to easily scale by expanding channels both on and offline.

This consistently growing company carries a strong customer following with the originally launched products from years ago still trending well. 17 new SKUs are in the process of coming to market. Current ownership is bullish on this business, and more than willing to remain with the company and/or retain equity. The business has clean books, records and tax filings and is ready to undergo due diligence.

An immensely profitable eCommerce Retailer, this business has more than 60 private label products which they provide through one overarching brand. From Slackline Kits, Ballet Barres and Lava Lamps all the way to Artificial Plants, Display Cases and Decanters, this multifaceted company drives revenue across industries. Standing above the crowd, this seller leverages carefully crafted packaging, excellent follow up customer service and support as well as super high-profile videos, product images and content to differentiate itself across every vertical.

Utilizing effective strategies and streamlined systems, this Internet Retailer has proven success across 100% of their unimaginably diverse SKU lines. Focusing on the following qualifiers, this company has made its mark:

-At least 30% margins

-Less than 6 competitors

-Moderate barriers to entry

-The opportunity to rank on page 1 by the end of the first week

-Each niche is evaluated to be sure of sustained profits

-At least 5 years of projected profitability

-Availability of patents and trademarks

-High quality imaging and videos

-“All weather” portfolio: Given the diversification in the portfolio across categories, to drive lower than normal seasonality. In recent times, the overall sales and revenue of the array skyrocketed by more than 200%.

-Operates on a small enough scale to not generate direct competition

With a hefty R&D process that has proven successful through (a) longevity of sales of each product picked and (b) consistently high gross margin sales (two of the requirements the R&D team demands before they launch a new product), this eCommerce Company is set to deliver an increased profitability for any new owner. Running on a go-forward basis, the new buyer will be perfectly poised for lasting success, along with a strong team in place (something we rarely see in most Amazon FBA companies).

While open to transferring 100% of the company, this owner is also prepared to remain as a partner with equity in this highly and consistently successful business. No matter which way a new buyer would prefer to run this business, the transition will be completely smooth and efficient as relocation to anywhere in the world is almost as simple as sharing the log-ins and getting started.

This company has built itself atop an easy to run, low overhead model requiring zero office and no warehouse overhead, eliminating the need to deal with large employee or office expenditures. Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program is utilized for all pick, pack, and shipping needs, reducing the need to deal with or ship products from its own warehouse.

This business is currently rapidly scaling organically. This means that whether a new owner wanted to keep the company running as is, or begin initiatives such as marketing, addition SKU lines and sales channel expansion, this acquisition is sure to bring prodigious revenue streams to any new owner. Well positioned to scale in any direction, from selling on Amazon’s international storefronts to creating an in-house purchasing platform and even beginning partnerships with brick and mortar retailers as well as other sites such as,,, and other online retailers that focus on the Outdoor Segment; expanding this company will be relatively swift and simple, especially with the power packed team behind this business continuing forward. This offering is an exceptional opportunity for an entrepreneur of any experience and skill level.

This Amazon FBA Retailer Represented by:

Tech, Internet & Amazon FBA Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2110

Asking Price
$ 13,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,794,086
Gross Income
$ 10,285,189
Year Established