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Amazon FBA Women’s Basics Brand – 200% YOY Profit Growth – Thousands of Product Reviews – Proprietary R&D System – Strong Team in Place

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Website Closers® presents a Women’s Apparel eCommerce Brand with a decade of experience marketing their trademarked, branded line of Women’s Basics on both their website and Amazon. From the start, the company has performed exceptionally well by developing a research system that tracks which women’s apparel products are trending, and what the best-sellers are on Amazon.  The data they gather is used to design products the company knows their customers are looking for and buying.

The result has been a phenomenal 100% revenue growth since 2022, as well as 200% seller discretionary earnings growth and tens of thousands of products reviews on The company has created a proven method for creating products that their audience loves and that drive sales higher.

While the company sells women’s everyday apparel with a timeless look and style, it developed a highly profitable niche by marketing 3-packs to customers. Once the company sees which of their products are trending, they combine them into 3-packs.    Customers love the savings they get on shipping costs, and at the same time, this increases the company’s profit margins by reducing the number of SKUs they need to maintain.

Their products are made in the U.S. and fully trademarked. In fact, the company now has 22 patented SKUs, which sell for an Average Order Value of $41.

Amazon has proven to be a strong sales platform for them. Using PPC ad campaigns on Amazon, the company has been able to attract a growing customer base, and 99% of their orders are shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon, giving the company a strong reputation for good customer service and fast deliveries.

The company also receives thousands of highly enthusiastic customer reviews, giving them a tremendous 99% Seller Rating on the site. While the vast majority of the company’s sales are on Amazon, they have expanded their sales channels and now have a rising percentage of sales on their website and Walmart.

As women’s clothing remains one of our most evergreen and profitable industries, the company’s ability to spot and capitalize on trends within this niche space has served them exceedingly well. While short-sleeved and long-sleeved products tend to generate higher sales at specific times of the year, overall the company’s sales are not impacted by seasonality. Their sales do peak around the holidays and again at the start of the new year.


The company’s products are cited for a soft, smooth feel on the skin, and a high quality matched with by great value. Their product reviews on Amazon feature glowing accounts from customers about how flattering their shirts look, with praise for the savings and value their 3-packs offer. The brand’s multipack women’s t-shirts are available in both small to plus sizes and offer the perfect look as either business or casual attire.

Additional products include quality ladies’ tops and blouses that are easy to match or pair with pants, jeans, slacks, shorts, leggings, blazers, or skirts. This flexibility, matched with the savings provided through their 3-packs, has given the company an increasingly loyal customer base.

To keep up with demand, the company maintains inventory in their own warehouse which is sent to FBA as orders come in, and they generally maintain six months’ worth of inventory at all times. New orders to their suppliers are placed every six months.

Their warehouse is also where the company inspects each new inventory shipment they receive and prepares and sends them to FBA. The company is now shipping up to 10 packages daily.


With so many key functions being handled by Amazon, the company is very turnkey and does not require a heavy workload from the current ownership.  There are six full-time employees who oversee the company’s warehouse, supply chain, PPC campaigns, and Amazon listings, and a virtual assistant managing daily tasks. As a result, the current owner works as little as 5 hours per week on this business.

Their team is experienced, highly efficient, and motivated to stay on post-acquisition.

The company uses suppliers based in the U.S. who manufacture their products. Their supply chain has also become more efficient recently, so the company is now importing some inventory from China and Vietnam as well.

All their 22 SKUs are manufactured directly for this company and sold under their brand name.

In addition to PPC ads on Amazon, the company relies on its SEO program to market their SKUs. The SEO program determines the best keywords to use to get their products in front of shoppers visiting their sales platform.

The company has numerous paths to grow this business, including by launching a PPC ad campaign on Facebook, introducing new products for upsells and cross-sells, expanding into men’s clothing lines, and launching an international expansion on Amazon’s foreign platforms.

The company could also begin targeting wholesale and retail accounts, marketing their products directly to businesses that sell women’s apparel and are looking for unique new styles.

A buyer has the opportunity to take over a thriving company in one of our most profitable fields. With a minimal workload needed and so many of the business’ functions handled by Amazon, a buyer can focus on scaling this already profitable operation and sending profits skyrocketing.

The fact that the company’s SKUs are unique and manufactured directly for this business gives the owner an opportunity to build successfully on the brand’s loyal following.

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WC 3234

Asking Price
$ 5,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,503,552
Gross Income
$ 11,356,834
Year Established

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